The Lovely Tea Cup Has Arrived

To be out of my little travel case! I’ve been in there for ages, it seems, but what fun to find myself in the quite grown up hands of little miss Katherine! The last time I saw Kat, she was just a tyke. We had such a delightful tea party, her great-grandmother Charlotte, her mum and me.

A visit from little Katherine

As I recall, she was mostly interested in the sugar cubes. Sweet girl!

But my lovely Char has gone off to the great tea salon in the sky… What adventures we had!

“Who travels the world with her own tea cup?” they would all exclaim! Char would. That’s who. What a riot.

Now it’s Kat and me. Oh, the places we’ll go, the tea we’ll steep! Well, now. I hear the kettle whistling already. I always knew I liked her.

Join us for tea?

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