DIY Tea-Inspired Valetines That Fill Your Cup

Valentine’s Day is a day where we celebrate the ones we love. And what better way to let that special someone know they’re your “Cup of Tea” than to craft a lovely gift with your own two hands!

Don’t worry, dearies, you don’t have to be a master crafter or professional artist to make something that’s unique and fun. (I, personally take the Wabi-Sabi school of thought, which is a Japanese aesthetic that celebrates and sees beauty in imperfection.)

Found on

Found on

Set aside an hour and create one of these for your Sweetie:

I love this idea from the blog, Living Your Creative! Make your own lovely tea cup for you & your Valentine: (I particularly like the “You’re My Cup of Tea” design!)

Here’s another twist on the DIY tea mug from the blog, Burlap and Babies! Make your own sharpie mug filled with a bouquet of your favorite teas:

If your dearest is a sweet tea lover, assemble a DIY emergency kit for your “Sweet-Tea.” It’s used here one Evermine Blog as a wedding favor, but it works very well for a single gift as well! (For slightly longer shelf life, consider substituting a whole small lemon rather than just a slice.)

And never under-estimate the power of the simple, hand-made Valentine card! Here’s a lovely tea-inspired card originally from

Enjoy the creation of these Valentine’s gifts. Pour your love and joy into the process. Laugh at the imperfections, celebrate the uniqueness. The enjoyment of crafting the gift will only multiply in your love’s enjoyment of receiving it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dearies!

For more DIY Valentine ideas, visit my Pinterest Board, DIY Holiday Fun!

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