DIY Projects For Your Broken Tea Cup

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. Dear Ollie was a vintage olive branch patterned tea cup. Char had discovered her in the cutest shop in Florence. One minute Char was wiping her gently with a soft cloth over the kitchen sink and the next minute Ollie lay in pieces on the black and white tiles.

She picked up the pieces so carefully, but there was no saving our friend. Ever the thinker, Char set to work at once to give Ollie a second life – as a beautiful picture frame. She placed a photograph of herself on that trip to Italy in that frame, and we were able to enjoy admiring Ollie’s new form for years to come.

Despite best efforts, sometimes there is an unfortunate mishap with a cherished tea cup or piece of china. Be comforted that that does not have to be the end. In fact, there are some beautiful ways to give new life to shattered pieces!

Teacup Mirror 1

As posted by Beyond The Fringe Crafts

For example, create a frame for a photograph or mirror using matching or assorted china pieces, as demonstrated on the blog, Beyond the Fringe Crafts.

As originally posted on Over The Big Moon

As posted on Over The Big Moon

Or, as seen on, create a garden stone!

As posted on Beading Gem

As posted on Beading Gem

And I think this may be may favorite idea I’ve seen yet! Broken China Jewelry! This idea from Beading Gem is exquisite.

While I thank my lucky stars that I have survived not only the kitchen sink, but millions of miles around the globe, I know that accidents do happen. It’s comfort to know that tea cup life can go on, even if it looks a little different.

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