Tea-Dyed Easter Eggs

Kat had all the gals over this weekend for an Easter egg dyeing party! It warms my cup to see her so excited about this event, because I have such memories of Char and I hosting Easter one year when Kat was a little girl. I kept Char company into the wee hours of the morning as she hand painted the eggs with whimsical and beautiful designs. We hid them throughout the back yard, nestled deep in the soft shrubs, under the leaves of the daffodils, one was even sitting jauntily on the fence post as clear as day (and was the last to be found!). I’ll never forget Kat in her frilly, yellow dress and sweet, white lace gloves, searching the grounds with eyes as large as saucers and squealing upon each discovery.  Afterward, we enjoyed the most wonderful tea party with deviled eggs and cookies decorated like Easter bonnets.

And now here she is, all grown up, hosting her own Easter celebration in such a beautiful and artistic way. Tea-dyed eggs! Being the ecologically (and frugal) minded ladies that they are, a few dozen eggs and an assortment of teas from the market were all that was needed!  We found these wonderful step-by-step instructions from Stash Tea on how to achieve a rainbow of results!

Stash Tea How to Dye Eggs With Tea

As originally posted on the Stash Tea Blog

One of Kat’s friends also wanted to experiment with vegetable dyes, so we experimented with beets, leafy greens and turmeric. What a rainbow of lovely colors, speckles and stains!

From Door To Door Organics

From Door To Door Organics

And as the eggs, steeped in their various natural baths of color, Kat served a light brunch with a surprise egg dish that made everyone smile!

As found on PBS food

As found on PBS food

I love the innovation and thoughtfulness of these young women. Such beautiful eggs, such beautiful souls. What Easter egg traditions do you enjoy this time of year?

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