Plan An Easter Tea Party

How Char loved the Easter season! She absolutely luxuriated in the traditions around the world. Easter in France consisted of enjoying the Poisson d’Avril (April Fish), which are fish-shaped chocolates that signify the spring season. Church bells are silenced on Good Friday, and the children are told that the chimes have flown to Rome to visit the Pope. On Easter Sunday when the chimes ring again, the children search for Easter eggs that the “chimes” have brought back with them from Rome.

In Seville, Spain, Char and I would watch from her friend’s tiny balcony as the confradias (brotherhoods) would slowly, carefully, carry beautiful, ornate statues of the Virgin Mary on their shoulders through the narrow, cobbled streets.

During an Easter visit to Portugal, Char fell in love with the savory bread, known as folar, made with cured meats and always with a hard boiled egg at its center.

This is the time of year where we all celebrate new life. Spring is all around, and the appearance of leaf buds and flower blossoms are inspiring. Why not celebrate this newness with an Easter Tea Party?

As found on Cherished Bliss

As found on Cherished Bliss

Be whimsical! Use cookie cutters on your tea sandwiches to make bunny or egg shapes! (This is the perfect opportunity to serve egg salad sandwiches!)

Consider serving folar, in honor of friendship. Char preferred the savory kind, but there are sweet versions as well.

Sweets are a necessity! For fun, see if you can find chocolate fish, but if not, chocolate bunnies are just as fun!

And don’t forget the decor. Be pretty in pastels, use tulips, daffodils or pansies for your centerpiece. If you want to go the extra mile, fold your linen napkins like bunnies!

Bunny Napkin

As found on Decor to Adore

And of course, the tea. Kat and I have been indulging in Target’s Simply Balanced Organic Black Tea Earl Grey. Now, some Earl Grey teas can be a bit heavy handed with the bergamot, leaving one with a soapy sensation. This tea, however, has the perfect hint of bergamot –┬ájust enough of the citrus to give you the feeling of a sunny day! The black tea blend is hearty enough to work very well with milk and sugar (cubes, please!), but smooth and balanced enough to be enjoyed plain.

What Easter or Passover traditions would you incorporate into your tea party?

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