Cooking with Tea

While we’re most familiar with drinking tea, tea has long been used for cooking as well! There are traditions of the Chinese using tea leaves in their cooking fires to smoke duck or stuffing fish with tea leaves before cooking. While you can experiment with any kind of tea, the most commonly used teas for cooking are:

Darjeeling – This black tea (sometimes referred to as the champagne of teas) is grown in India and infuses a complex, yet delicate flavor.

Jasmine – Most often, this is a jasmine-scented green tea from China. Infuses elegant, floral aroma.

Lapsang Souchong – A smoky tea most often from China and Taiwan. Infuses fragrant smokiness.

Genmaicha – This Japanese green tea blended with toasted brown rice infuses an earthy, nutty flavor.

Matcha – This is a finely ground powder of Japanese green tea that can infuse a slightly sweet and floral flavor.

Rooibos – The fine, dried leaves of a South African bush that can infuse a slightly fruity note.

There are a variety of both sweet and savory dishes that utilize the subtleties of tea in their creation. Char kept a special, rectangular tea tin to house her favorite tea-infused recipes. recently, I’ve caught Kat thumbing through the cards, reading Char’s spidery handwriting. And then last night, we sat together in front of Pinterest – her curiosity piqued.

She’s invited a couple of gal pals over tonight, and here’s the menu they will be trying out. If they succeed, my bet is that they will be added to Char’s tea recipe tin in Kat’s flowery script.

For the main course:

Jasmine Chicken Soup with Green Tea Soba

As found on

As found on

She likes the idea of being able to play with a variety of vegetables to add. She’s thinking of adding in sugar snap peas and perhaps water chestnuts for crunch.

For a bright and cheery side:

Rooibos Butternut Pizzettes

Kat loves sweet potato chips, and these seem similar. She’s curious to see how the rooibos enhances the butternut squash’s natural sweetness.

And for dessert, Green Tea Cheesecake with Raspberries

Her friend is a cheesecake fanatic, so this will be a fun twist on an old favorite.

For more fun tea recipes, you can see what we’ve found on Pinterest right here.

Have you ever cooked with tea? What is YOUR favorite that we might add to Char’s Tea Recipe Tin?

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