DIY Fancy Hats for The Derby or Afternoon Tea

As found on At Second Street

As found on At Second Street

It’s Kentucky Derby season when all thoughts turn to horse racing and… HATS! That’s one thing I regret about being a tea cup. I don’t get to enjoy the thrill of wearing a fancy Kentucky Derby hat. But, I get to admire the ladies in their various adornments and make snarky comments to Kat when I see a real doozy!

I remember the year Char smuggled me into Churchill Downs in her rather voluminous handbag (which complemented her voluminous fancy hat!).┬áSeated happily in “Millionaire’s Row” Char caused quite a riot when she insisted on having her mint julep in her own trusty tea cup rather than the silver cup her gentleman friend offered. I might turn my handle up at being filled with coffee, but mint juleps are welcome any time! Afterward, Char smuggled me down to see the winning horse, Whiskery. “A kiss-kery for Whiskery!” she declared.

While Kat doesn’t necessarily rub elbows with those seated in Millionaire’s Row, she does have the most delightful and creative gal pals a tea cup could ever know. And this Saturday morning, they will gather to create their own Kentucky Derby hats and fascinators!

We both love the simple and charming fascinators described on At Second Street!

And these elegant hats look chic (and easy!).

As found on the DIY Network

As found on the DIY Network

And here’s an option made entirely of tissue paper!

As found on

As found on

The lovely thing about these millinery dreams is that they are perfect for a tea party too! Oh, the possibilities!

But no Kentucky Derby celebration is complete without a Mint Julep, and we’re going to play around with an idea for a Mint-Tea Julep! We’ve got a perfect mint tea for the job:┬áSimply Balanced Mint Green Tea from Target. It’s a good one!

What kind of hat will you be wearing for the Kentucky Derby?

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