Plan a Cinco de Mayo Tea Fiesta

Cinco de Mayo! The time of year to celebrate Mexican-American camaraderie! The original Cinco de Mayo honors the incredible victory in 1862 of a group of 2000 rag-tag Mexican Loyalists defending the small town of Puebla de Los Angeles over a 6000-man French army. While they won this battle, Mexico ultimately lost the war and had to wait 3 more years to win back their independence.

As found on

As found on

I remember in the early 1960’s, Char took me on a journey to Southern California where she joined with the Chicano activists who were newly embracing the holiday as a way to bolster pride among Mexican-Americans. Char loved the Mexican culture, and I recall many a night of dancing, singing, and hearing beautiful stories from her lovely friends.

Kat and her friends continue the celebration of Mexican-American culture, and we’re planning a Cinco de Mayo Tea Fiesta in its honor! In addition to an array of her very favorite Mexican-inspired foods (enchiladas suizas, carnitas, and chips and guacamole in abundance), she will be trying out this fabulous “Teagarita,” created by Kirbie’s Creations.

And what’s a Mexican celebration without Mexican Tea Cookies? Kat particularly likes this recipe from Whole Foods.

As found on Arizona Foothills Magazine

As found on Arizona Foothills Magazine

These tissue paper flowers look so lovely and fun!

And who can resist these tiny mariachi pinatas? (And they’re just my size!)

As found on

As found on

I think I’ll tell Kat to wear one of those paper flowers in her hair – I think it will look quite fetching. And who knows, maybe she’ll let me wear one on my handle. Orange? No, pink!

What will you be doing this Cinco de Mayo?

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