Plan a Breakfast Tea for Mother

Mothers Day

On this Mother’s Day, Kat is keeping things low key but luxurious for her own mom. Instead of an elaborate brunch or a big gathering, she is giving her mother a quiet slice of tranquility and a large cup of tea. The thing is, Kat’s mom is always on the go, always taking care of neighbors, volunteering for community committees, lending a hand to one of her grown children. With so much go-go-go, it seems like it needs to come to a halt, just for one morning.

Breakfast in bed. Just saying it sounds so decadent. But to make it truly relaxing, we need to have a plan.

There are a few things that everyone knows about Kat’s mom: She loves Sudoku, having a general knowledge of current events, bacon and green tea. (Not necessarily in that order.)  Knowing those tidbits, we’re putting together a Sunday morning breakfast in bed experience that she won’t soon forget.

Kat picked up a book of Sudoku at the store the other night. On Sunday morning, we’ll add a mechanical pencil in the color green (her favorite color), and a USA Today, and tie them loosely together with a green ribbon. An omelette with diced bacon and fresh veggies will set her stomach up nicely for the day. And right next to the plate, there I will be, steeping a delicate green tea. Her mom has become a recent fan of My Cup of Joy Jasmine Green that Kat picked up at H-E-B on her travels through Texas. The sweet, subtle jasmine is just enough to make this green tea extra special. There’s nothing overpowering about this tea. It is pure luxury and happiness!

For one morning, Kat wants her mother to enjoy lounging for as long as she likes, solving puzzles, reading news snippets, eating and sipping tea. For once, Kat wants to do the caring-for and spoiling.

This Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom the gift of quiet enjoyment. What are the things she most enjoys? Does she love watching movies or eating old-fashioned oatmeal? Does she get energy from recharging quietly on her own or being surrounded by her friends or family? Does she love chai or a breakfast blend of tea? Identify 2 or 3 little luxuries that your mom might never grant herself, but that you know she deserves. Then give them to her. On a breakfast tray. On Sunday morning. With a cup of tea.

To all the moms or women who have mothered others through good times and bad, we raise our tea cups to you. You make our world a better place!

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