Why I Buy Tea From The Grocery Store

Private Selection

Kat loves her tea. She’s also on a budget. So as much as she enjoys ordering the occasional loose leaf tea from a boutique tea retailer, when it comes to her every day tea, she picks up her supply from the grocery store. If you haven’t looked at the variety of teas available lately, you’ll be amazed and delighted at the selection.

First, there are the cherished brands that many people know and love, like Bigelow, Celestial Seasons, Republic of Tea, and even Lipton. But then there are the store brands that have made quite an impression on both Kat and me. The more we try, the more we love them. And her pocketbook loves them as well!

When she runs to a Kroger store, the Private Selection Teas are a favorite. The Acai, Pomegranate and Blueberry Green Tea is a staple in our home. While many fruit blend teas can be overly sweet, this is a subtle, beautiful blend that is absolutely heavenly!

A trip to Target always results in a stocking up of Simply Balanced Organic Black Tea Breakfast Blend and Organic White Tea Peach Honey. Kat can’t seem to ever get enough of these. Hot or iced, they are a crowd pleaser.

What she loves about so many of these store branded teas is that they are affordable, easily accessible, and they taste so good! No matter where she is, she can find good tea very easily. The best part? Each tea bag comes in its own airtight envelope that she can slip in her purse or my carrying case. No muss. No fuss.

Char felt this way, and I know Kat does, too: Tea is one of the greatest luxuries, and its universal appeal is that it’s so accessible. ¬†and that is as it should be! The teas available on our grocery store shelves are a lovely, affordable luxury. My question to you? What grocery store tea is your favorite?

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