Tea on the 4th of July

Independence day! When all thoughts turn to fireworks, family gatherings, and… hot dogs!

While I would never come between an American and their hot dogs, there are some additions to make it a celebration of the sweet taste of Libertea!

Let’s start with some fun for the little ones. Some Summer Skewers are an easy and yummy treat that are as fun to put together as they are to eat.  Raspberries, blueberries, mini marshmallows and wooden skewers are all you need.

As found on Family Circle

As found on Family Circle

Instead of your average, run-of-the-mill biscuits, try some raspberry almond scones. We love this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod. Kat can never eat just one!

Raspberry scones

As found on TwoPeasAndTheirPod.com

Is there any better summer sandwich than a BLT? Use a star-shaped cookie cutter to bring some Star-Spangled fun to the table.

As found on Made2Style.com

As found on Made2Style.com

When it comes to 4th of July gatherings, it’s almost always hot-hot-hot, so this is the perfect time to brew some iced tea options (we have lots of ideas here), or try out an iced tea cocktail (you might love some of these).

And, finally, if you truly must have your hot dogs, here’s a way to take them to a whole new level!

As found on HandmadeInTheHeartland

As found on HandmadeInTheHeartland

This year, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” may take on a deeper meaning for you or your loved ones. Take this holiday to enjoy and celebrate together!

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