How to Choose a Tea Cup

You want to drink more tea, but all you have in your cupboard are a hodge-podge of coffee mugs with everything from an old Far Side comic that warns, “Beware of Doug” on the front, to a Snowman mug, to another that celebrates “Team Building 2013” in neon orange. While tea is happy to steep in any vessel, it’s always more enjoyable to sip it from a proper tea cup.

Porecelain Tea Cup

But “Proper Tea Cup” means many things to many people. There are a variety of ways to elevate your tea drinking experience by bringing a lovely tea cup into your own life. Here are some options to consider:

Porcelain Tea Cups

Well, yes I’m a bit partial to the porcelain tea cup. After all, that’s me! The delicate, white china that we most often think of comes in a variety of shapes and may be plain white or adorned with beautiful artwork or even gold filigree! Porcelain is typically completely glazed, which means that flavors and scents can’t stick very easily to the cup itself.. Heavier porcelain (yes, I’d count myself as heavier, though I prefer “sturdier.”) keeps the tea hot longer, though when you’re drinking good tea, it won’t last long in the cup!

Glass Tea Cups

Many tea lovers like the clean aesthetic of clear glass or enjoy watching the steeping process, and for that reason a clear glass tea cup can be the best choice. Consider whether you prefer a tea cup with a handle or without. Those with handles tend to conduct heat very easily, so take care when picking it up for a drink! In order to maintain the clarity of the glass, be diligent in cleaning this cup thoroughly after every use and wiping it down with a soft cloth.

Ceramic Tea Cups

Rustic clay and earthenware tea cups are prized for their laid back aesthetic as much as for their heat-retaining properties. Check to see if the interior is glazed as well as the exterior. If it is not, the cup will absorb the flavors of whatever is brewed in it. One added benefit to the ceramic cup is that these can be found in various sizes, so if you like a LARGE cup of tea, this might be the pick for you!

Travelling Tea Mug

If you are often on the go – planes, trains and automobiles – then a travel tea mug may be your best bet. From sleek and utilitarian to bulbous and cozy, there’s a size, shape, style and pattern for everyone. Handle, no handle, infuser, no infuser, stainless steel, shatter-resistant glass… Good heavens! There are enough variations for its own story!

Regardless of your choice a tea cup, one thing will always remain true:

Drink from it as often as possible! The enjoyment of tea is one of life’s small luxuries. Drinking from a lovely (and loved) tea cups elevates the moment and your mood! Allow yourself that daily treat. Why not? You deserve it!

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