Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Garden!


Wouldn’t it be lovely to sit in an aromatic garden, sipping delectable herbal teas? Well dearies, you may not have a large garden to lounge in, but you can create your very own herb garden for herbal tisanes right at home. Kat has taken an interest in gardening and I convinced her to grow herbs that are perfect for herbal teas to drink all day long. With herbs at home, you won’t even need to head to the market to create your teas. Just pluck a few leaves and put the kettle on!

For starters, decide where you’ll plant your garden. You could of course find a place in your yard, but a sunny spot at home is also the perfect place. I love this idea that Kat found on Pinterest for a tea tin herb garden! Wouldn’t it look sweet in a bright window?

Some of our favorite herbs to use for infusing are mint, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, basil, and rosemary. But there are so many more you can choose from. You can steep the herbs alone, mix them up into a blend, and even add them along to your favorite packaged tea. Be sure to crush the fresh leaves a bit to release their gorgeous scent, and add to your hot water for at least 5 minutes. You’ll enjoy comforting sips and imagine a springtime garden party.

You can always dry your herbs and store for future use. We found this helpful guide on how to dry them.

Growing your own herbs lets you become your own herbal tea blender- play around with the various herbs to see what combinations are your favorites. The options are endless! You can even create little herb sachets to give as gifts. Wouldn’t you love giving the gift of fresh herbal tea?

One of Kat’s herbal secrets is adding a few small leaves to her ice cube tray. The leaves look gorgeous suspended in the ice. It’s such a delicious surprise for iced tea!

Do you grow herbs at home? What herbs do think would make a delightful tisane?

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