Enjoying Late Summer Iced Teas


Dearies, it’s the time of year where we have to savor every last beautiful warm day. Feel the radiance of the sun, find comfort in a gentle breeze, and enjoy happy sips of iced tea. Kat has been looking for special iced tea recipes to help cherish our last days of summer. By combining seasonal ingredients and delicious teas you can extend your summer vacation well into the cool days of fall.

Kat’s favorite technique these days is to muddle her ingredients. You may be familiar with muddled mint in cocktails such as a mojito. I honestly just enjoy saying the word muddle out loud! This technique will bring vibrant flavor to your late summer iced teas. You can take fruit, herbs, and sweetener, and gently mash them all together to release the beautiful flavors. Kat likes to use mint, basil, and late summer fruits. You can use a specifically designed muddler, or Kat just uses a large pestle or a wooden spoon. It’s quite simple and fun!

Sipping on an iced tea infused with summer fruits will bring you right to the beach. You can practically smell the ocean and hear the seagulls with each taste. Kat loves raspberries and has muddled a few with sweetener and this mint green tea by Fresh and Easy many times. Kat first discovered this tea at a friend’s house, where they sipped it as an afternoon refresher. She was taken with the delicious minty flavor. It’s especially easy to use in your muddled iced tea if you don’t have fresh herbs on hand.


Don’t forget those citrus fruits! They are refreshing on any warm summer day. Muddling a bit of lemon or orange into iced tea reminds Kat of sipping in a sunny green meadow. But dearies, the combinations are endless! Use any type of tea, any summer fruit (I’m particularly fond of peaches myself), herbs and sweetener. Want something with a bit more zing? Muddle some ginger! What about something mellow and relaxing? Try adding rose or lavender to your tea. You can become an iced tea wizard conjuring up images of summery fun without leaving the kitchen.

Instead of adding granulated sugar to your iced teas, try simple syrup. It works beautifully and completely dissolves in cold water. Even better, keep the simple syrup in a bottle and offer it to your guests. This way they can sweeten their tea to taste. To make the syrup, combine equal parts water and sugar in a sauce pan (we like to do 3 cups of each to make sure we have a large amount for a party). Heat over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Once it’s dissolved bring the mixture to a quick boil and then simmer for a minute or two. Make sure the mixture cools completely, and store in the fridge until you need it.

Create, sit back, and relish those last summer sips. What are your favorite iced tea recipes to enjoy the last of the summer’s bounty?

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