Teas for Breakfast


Mornings are my favorite. The sun shines through the kitchen windows and the birds start singing their stories to the world. Most mornings I see Kat stumble into the kitchen bleary-eyed and reaching for the kettle, just like Char used to do many years before. That’s when it’s my time to shine! Without me, Kat wouldn’t have anything to drink her breakfast teas in. I have a very important job to do, and I look forward to it every morning.

In the early hours Kat likes a tea that is bold and strong. This usually means a British or Irish Breakfast blend. I’ve discussed a little bit about these robust blends previously, they are a morning staple in our kitchen. After a few sips the world has more vibrancy and Kat starts to look more like herself. The strength of the tea wakes her up, and the flavors calm her mind and get her ready to start the day. We will often debate about how to prepare the tea- do you add sweetener or milk? Kat likes to add a splash of milk to her morning tea, but I prefer mine straight up.


Some mornings call for a little something extra. That’s when Kat reaches for a flavored blend that still has the black tea strength, and pairs well with her morning oatmeal or pastry. She often chooses HEB Harmony Tea, which is a black tea with cranberry and blood orange flavors. A lovely combination of citrus and sweet, she tells me the juicy flavors give her an extra lift on gray mornings. It tastes sunny and bright, like a cloudless sky.

A few of Kat’s friends have started drinking matcha in the morning. It’s a wonderful way to get a sweet and vegetal cup of energy that will keep you going for hours. If you are looking for something more convenient and quick, try this matcha and green tea blend from Fresh and Easy. A friend introduced her to it as a simple way to prepare green tea on the go, and she reaches for it whenever she’s looking for a matcha fix. It will give you a peaceful meditative moment before starting your day.

Whichever you choose, tea is always a good way to wake up. Dearies, what teas do you reach for in the morning? Do you add anything or drink it straight?

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