Brewing Tea At Work


Kat and her friends enjoy tea all day long, even when they are at work. Dearies, brewing tea at work may seem difficult, but I assure you it is super easy to prepare with just a few necessities. You’ll never need to run out to the local coffee shop for a quick cup again. I’ve travelled to work with Kat many times, and here are the tips I’ve picked up for brewing tea in the office:

Pack sealed tea bags: Packing your own individually wrapped tea bags are a simple way to make tasty tea in the office. Kat brings in various bags of tea and keeps them in her desk drawer so she can choose one based on her mood. Right now her favorite afternoon tea is this Wegman’s Just Tea Earl Grey Black. She picked it up at the Wegmans near her office, and it’s been a staple ever since. It’s the perfect blend of citrusy bergamot and malty black tea. It gives her a little lift before a particularly long meeting. She has even shared a few bags with her co-workers and they have all appreciated the tasty treat. Another tea I spied in her desk is Wegmans Just Tea Chamomile Herbal. She keeps it around the office for when things get a little hectic and she needs a few moments to relax. It has worked wonders during a stressful day.  The floral chamomile flavor is an instant oasis from stress. It also smells heavenly!

Use a mug: A reusable mug is also essential. Drinking your tea from a paper cup is fine in a pinch, but you will enhance your office tea experience with a real mug to remind you of home. Or choose a pretty teacup to bring with you, or keep in the office. A favorite cup will brighten your work day tremendously (I should know!).

Water: Hot water is of course essential. If your office does not provide hot water, an electric kettle is a helpful addition. If you are unable to use one in your office, you can easily put cold water in a microwave safe mug, and microwave until it is hot enough. You can also keep a thermos of hot water at your desk so you don’t have to constantly visit the office kitchen.

In addition to the essentials, you can add a few other flourishes to enjoy tea during your day- A tasty sweet snack will make tea time more satisfying.  Clearing a little space on your desk to devote to tea time will also make it feel extra special. Your tea break will clear your mind and get your ready for that next meeting or presentation. I overheard Kat and her friends saying that tough projects are easier to accomplish with a tasty mug of tea at your side.

Do you enjoy tea at work? I’d love to hear about what your office tea time looks like!

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