Connecting With Friends Over Tea


One of Kat’s most favorite activities is slowing down and chatting with friends. She has frequent impromptu get-togethers with any number of friends where they catch-up and talk about everything from family to pop culture. On these occasions a pot of tea always makes an appearance.

Dearies, it may sound a bit hokey, but when you enjoy the aroma and flavor of the tea with a few friends, your mind becomes more open for conversation. You start off with a pot of tea- feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands and the scent tickling your nose. Then perhaps you comment on how it tastes, and what the flavors remind you of. Conversation then slowly switches to the personal. Sharing tea with a friend or two leads to instant connection and conversation.

Kat likes to have regular tea-sharing events. These aren’t formal tea parties, but an afternoon for a few friends to sit together, sip and catch up. Maybe nibble on a cookie or two. For these little gatherings she tailors the teas to the time of year. Spring is for early first flush Darjeeling teas, and vibrant greens to complement the verdant foliage outside. In the summer she’ll serve cold-brewed iced teas of all kinds to cool off. Now that the weather is getting chillier she chooses warming teas with cinnamon and ginger to take her gatherings through fall and winter. She keeps her friends’ tea preferences in mind, but also tries to bring out a few unexpected teas for everyone to try. Kat is always looking to introduce her friends to new teas!

At her last get-together, Kat made it a ‘bring your favorite tea’ event. One of her friends brought Organic Soothing Ginger Green Tea from Simply Balanced, a lovely tea she picked up from Target. As soon as the hot water hit the leaves, the zing of ginger filled the room. Kat and her friends delighted in the gentle, vegetal green tea flavor that was complimented by the tingly ginger. They were surprised by the addition of tangy lemongrass and peppy spearmint. As they sipped the leaves I could see smiles spread across their faces. One of her friends called it a meditative brew, because there are so many flavors to consider. Another friend said it was perfect for their gathering because the ginger and green tea are calming, but the lemongrass and peppermint perk you up and stimulate the conversation. It is a tea Kat now keeps on hand for cool-weather tea moments.

Some of my most favorite afternoons are spent listening to Kat and her friends while they enjoy a pot of tea together. It’s an intimate moment to relax and chat. Pour that tea and time seems to slow. The air shifts and everything becomes warmer and more confidential. Kat often starts these visits carrying the stress from her day, but by the time her friends leave she is peaceful and uplifted. Do you have special tea experiences with friends or family? I’d love to hear about how they make you feel!

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