Thanksgiving Tea Cocktails


It’s almost time for large family gatherings and giving thanks for all that we have. Do you host Thanksgiving dinner? Kat is taking on the challenge this year, hosting quite a sizable group. She’s excited to cook with her favorite fall ingredients like squash and cranberries. I can already smell the stuffing and pumpkin pie!

I was hoping she’d let me be the table centerpiece for the big event. Wouldn’t I look lovely among the flowers and gourds? I’d sit in the middle of the table and watch over the action. Kat said she doesn’t want me to risk a chip, which I suppose I understand. Well, at least I convinced her to incorporate a bit of tea into the meal. She decided to feature tea in a pre-meal cocktail. I think it’s a delicious compromise.

After doing a bit of research Kat has narrowed it down to a few different cocktail choices. Wouldn’t a warm cocktail would be perfect to welcome everyone on Thanksgiving? It would bring everyone together and help the conversation start to flow. This Bourbon Chai looks absolutely delicious. A cozy way to start, with a kick of spice to get everyone’s palate ready for the big meal. Kat is worried that she may be a bit short on time with all the food she needs to prepare, so she’s planning on using Fresh & Easy Chai Black Tea bags instead of the separate tea and spices. As much as Kat loves to make Masala Chai from scratch, she looked in her local grocery store for a good bagged tea to keep in the house for when she’s craving a spicy tea, but doesn’t have time to put the ingredients together. The strong cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom in this brew create the masala chai flavors she’s looking for. It’s perfectly spicy and aromatic.

I’m also partial to this apple-infused cocktail. It’s a drink that sets the right Thanksgiving mood. The apple, cinnamon, and cloves compliment all of the flavors served in the main meal. I think the aroma will bring everyone straight to their most nostalgic Thanksgiving memories. When I first tried it, it reminded me of Char’s first attempt at baking an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner. I think she managed to get flour in every corner of the kitchen that year! But the resulting pie was delicious, and worth the extra cleanup.

Cranberries are an essential part of the meal, and this Sparkling Cranberry Tea Cocktail is a wonderful idea. It’s a sweet and tart way to begin the evening. It will have her guests craving more Thanksgiving flavors. Also, who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle? The bubbly will lend a festive air to your Thanksgiving get-together. I think it also feels swanky!

For a non-alcoholic cocktail, Kat found this perfect recipe from Serious Eats. It combines sparkling apple cider, tea, and cinnamon. It has the right combination to tempt the palate before the Thanksgiving meal! She is thinking of serving this one for the little ones, and those that prefer not to have alcohol.

Which drink would you choose to serve your guests? This is such a special time of year. What are you thankful for? I feel fortunate to have had so many adventures over the years with two amazing women. I am looking forward to the adventures yet to come!

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