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Back when I had tea adventures with Char her steeps were timed with a clock or wristwatch, and she’d write her tasting notes in a little blue notebook. She’d never be without that notebook! It was worn and loved, filled with her tea tasting memories. Kat has a similar notebook for her own tea notes, but she’ll often forget to bring it with her when she goes out. I am a very helpful teacup, but I can’t always remind her to take it! I have so many things to focus on, like tea inventory, and keeping the soup pot away from the frying pan. Those two really like to bicker.

The other day Kat came home in a rush, all excited to tell me about a tea app for her smartphone she had just learned about. There was a tea-tasting at the local grocery store and the woman preparing the tea used an app on her phone to time the steep. Kat was excited and they chatted about various apps that can be used to steep, track the teas you drink, and record tea notes! This is a wonderful idea, especially for someone like Kat that is always with her phone, but rarely remembers that notebook.

Here are a few apps we’ve discovered. Some are free and others are paid:

Tea ($1.99) – This is an app that encompasses many different useful features. The app has a tea timer based on type of tea you are steeping and also a place to write notes and rate the tea. It also suggests the appropriate water temperature for the steep. If you don’t agree with the suggested time and temperature settings, you can add your own. It also has a ‘tea encyclopedia’ where you can look up information on various teas, where they are grown and processed, and get steeping tips. The app offers an interesting feature that tells you how much tea you have left in your package after each session, if you enter in how much you started with before your first steep.

Camellia Tea Timer (free)- This is a basic app that is simple yet effective. There are 7 preset types of teas with steeping times and temperatures (you can manually add more teas if you’d like to). You can edit the info on each tea if you don’t agree with the time/temp presets. You can’t make any notes, but it’s a handy app to have when you’re out and want a timer for your tea.

Aromatic– ($1.99) This app has many different teas to choose from and describes the growing regions with pictures and maps. You get a timer, and a helpful tea glossary but no room for tasting notes.

Tea Forte Tea Timer (free)- This one can be used with any tea, but is geared towards the brand’s own blends. Still it has a useful timer, and some fun cocktail recipes.

While Kat was searching for apps, she also found a few tea-themed games for her phone! If you’re looking for a little entertainment there is a game where you can plant, grow, process, and sell your own tea! It’s called Tea Firm: RePlanted (free). There is also My Tea Party (free), a game where you can plan your own tea party. I think I’ll have to give that one a try sometime. Although it would be strange to have someone serve tea to me! I like to do all of my own steeping.

Are there any helpful tea apps that aren’t listed here? I’d love to learn more about them! Do let us know in the comments.


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