Tea Hostess/Host Gifts


November will soon be upon us, and with it comes holiday gatherings, dinner parties, and get-togethers. Kat always likes to bring a little thank-you gift to the host or hostess. Who wouldn’t appreciate an unexpected tea-themed gift as a thank-you? There are endless ways to DIY your thank-you gift. Here are a few tea-themed ideas that Kat loves to use:

-A delicious tea in an artistic canister is always sure to please. One of Kat’s favorite tea companies, Joseph Wesley Tea has beautiful canisters perfect for gift-giving. The company is based in Detroit and the owner pays very special attention to the design of the packaging. The artistic canisters match the excellent quality of the tea. To complete this gift, include a decorative teaspoon measure. This way you’re host will get a precise scoop for a perfect cup of tea.

-Kat will often give a black or Darjeeling tea and pair it  with a small box of chocolates or French macarons. This is a chic combination to please anyone with a sweet tooth! Try to look for a local chocolatier or pastry shop for your treats. It will show your host that you put extra attention into the gift. If the treats are tea-flavored, all the better!

-Speaking of sweet treats, another of Kat’s favorite ideas is pairing your tea of choice with artisanal sugars. Kat particularly loves the decorative sugars by Chambre de Sucre and they make a delightful gift. There are endless adorable sugar choices. They are sure to put a smile on your host’s face and get a special place on the tea table.

-A pretty teacup with teabags or loose tea inside makes a lovely presentation. Of course, I’m quite partial to giving tea cups as a gift! They’ll be your lifelong companions. They’ll even keep you company while you sip.

-A very popular choice these days is a gift set for making matcha. You can pair a ceremonial grade matcha with a whisk and/or tea bowl for your host to create their own delicious morning matcha.

-If you have a budding tea connoisseur on your hands, a tea selection along with a journal for writing tasting notes is a good choice. This moleskine notebook is made for tea notes. How clever is that?

Dearies, next time you are invited to a party, don’t leave home without your tea-themed thank-you gift. Be sure to visit my pinterest board for many more tea host/hostess gift ideas!

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