Fandom Teas


A common sight in our house is Kat sitting on the couch with her laptop open, TV on, watching her favorite show. I sit at the little side table holding her favorite tea which she sips as she watches. She’ll often be chatting with friends around the country dissecting every little plot twist. Is there a particular movie, comic book, or TV show that is near and dear to your heart? One you’ll always clear your schedule to watch?

I’ve seen Kat grow up, and she’s always had a vivid imagination and a love of adventure and mystery. This has grown into a love for certain Sci-fi, mystery, and adventure shows. Dearies, you probably all know what a fandom is, but after I heard Kat refer to it a few times, I had to look it up. For anyone living under a saucer or old enough to remember life without smartphones, a fandom is a group of folks that share the same love of a particular thing, often something related to a TV, book, novel, comic, etc. You can usually find online discussion groups, social media groups, and people that even write their own fan-fiction based on their favorite characters. Wikipedia gives a detailed description if you’d like to learn even more about it.

Did you know you can bring the personality of your favorite fandom characters to life in a tea blend? Yes, you can combine your passion for tea with your dedication to your fandom! So instead of just drinking from your favorite Dr. Who mug, the tea inside can be a blend celebrating your Doctor of choice. If you think you know all there is to know about your favorite high-functioning sociopath, you can create a special Sherlock Holmes blend all for yourself.

Fandom blends can be found on Adagio Tea’s website. You can browse dozens of user-created fandom blends or create your own. You can even use your own artwork for the tea container. Some of our favorite of these tea blends are created by Cara McGee. Kat thinks her blends perfectly capture her favorite characters, and Cara’s artwork is fun to look at.This is such a unique way to show your creativity! Creating a tea blend for your favorite characters is a bit like writing fan-fiction in tea form.

Interested in trying your hand at a blend? It’s as easy as picking a fandom, a specific character, and imagining what flavors represent their personality. Of course, you need to make sure those flavors all work well together (or perhaps clash a little bit, if you are blending for a villain!).

I do love that you can try fandom blends created by people that are just as excited by the characters as you are. What do you think? Have you created a fandom blend? Would you try some of these?

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