Chatting Tea Online


I’ve noticed that tea enthusiasts are an expressive bunch. Whenever we get the chance, we love to talk endlessly about our favorite leaf. We’re also quite tech savvy (I’m a teacup and I have a blog!) so naturally we have created many ways to talk tea online. We certainly are a chatTEA bunch! Hee hee! If you’re looking to connect with tea-loving folks, here are a few places to do so:

Steepster is a favorite among Kat and her friends. It’s a large social network of tea drinkers. You can log the teas you have, write tasting notes and reviews for each tea and compare your review to others that tried the tea. You can learn about new teas that grab your interest and see what everyone else thinks of them. There are message boards on all sorts of tea-related topics. Kat has made quite a few friends through Steepster, and they even meet once in a while at local tea shops. is a site with loads of forums and hosts many tea blogs. You can browse through endless tea topics and blogs. Some of Kat’s favorite tea bloggers post here. If you’re unsure where to start, you can look at the tea ‘stream’ to see what the latest comments and activity are. I sometimes jump on Kat’s laptop when she’s left the page open and get lost in reading informative and entertaining tea blogs.

Tea Chat is run by Adagio teas, but you can chat about anything and everything tea. Kat has learned about new tea ware artisans, swapped teas with fellow tea lovers, and discussed the joys of tea pets all on their forums. She has even bought and sold tea ware through one of the forums.

If you look around you’ll find plenty of social media groups to talk about tea. A few examples are on Google +, and Facebook. Pinterest is a fun place for tea lovers as well. Maybe not as much chatting, but lots and lots of pictures, articles, and ideas. I check pinterest every day for new tea related ideas. Be sure to check out my page to see what I’ve been pinning.

r/tea on reddit has active discussions on all things tea. I’ve learned quite a bit about puerh just by browsing the various topics on this site. It is similar to the Tea Chat and forums but the topics are a bit more diverse.

If you are looking to chat on a professional level, LinkedIn is a good resource. There are many tea groups that include vendors, growers, and others that work in the industry. You don’t need to be a pro to join many of these groups, and they can be quite informative.

Goodness, just looking at this list makes me realize just how much information can be found about tea online. You can learn, chat, and make new friends! Where do you like to talk about tea online? Have you met other friendly teacups? If so let me know where, so I can connect!

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