DIY Ideas For Those Empty Tea Tins


If you’re a tea lover like Kat, you must have numerous empty tea tins sitting in your kitchen cabinets. Kat refills many of hers with her favorite teas and has a few decorating the kitchen, but her collection of tins keeps growing. As Kitchen President (the toaster is my VP), I’ve made the decision to repurpose some of these lovely tins. There’s just no reason for them to sit and collect dust. Kat loves to craft, and this is a perfect way to get creative. After scouring the internet and polling Kat’s friends, I’ve found quite a few fun uses for them.

 -Plant a little garden! I’m quite partial to small succulents because they are easy to care for and don’t need too much water. Choose tins that have a mouth wide enough for a plant to sit comfortably inside. You’ll want to puncture or drill a few small drainage holes in the bottoms of the tins to make sure the water can properly drain out. They’d look lovely in your kitchen or on any windowsill. If you have a very sunny spot, you can also do a mini herb garden! It would also make a lovely hostess gift.

 -Fridge magnets: For smaller tins I love the idea of gluing a magnet to the back and keeping them on the fridge to hold things like pencils, rubber bands, and bag ties. This way you’ll never need to search for little items you need in the kitchen. I know Kat is always rummaging through kitchen drawers to look for a twist-tie to close a bag. This way she’ll have one always at the ready. Many crafting sites suggest covering the tins with patterned papers, but I think the tins are beautiful just as they are.

 -Flower vase: Kat has a few large tins that she uses to hold flowers. They really look lovely on a desk, dining table, kitchen counter, or windowsill. A tea tin vase is sure to brighten up your afternoon tea party. Kat has even grouped multiple tins together on the dining table with bright flowers for a striking centerpiece. Keep it in mind for your upcoming holiday gatherings!

 -Tea-tin Candle: Kat loves lighting candles for dinner parties and quiet evenings. Wouldn’t a candle made from a tea tin be extra special? This is a good tutorial. She’s even added a few to her bathroom, to enhance a relaxing bath.

 What do you think? Dearies, for steep’s sake don’t throw those tins away. Get crafty with your tea tins! Reuse them and create something new. For even more ideas, check out my pinterest page. If you have your own ideas for reusing the tea tins, I’d love to hear about them.

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