A Flavor For Every PersonaliTEA


Dearies it’s the time of year for selecting gifts for friends, family, and associates (and teacups!). Kat is creating extra-special packages for all of her friends, and of course she’s including tea with every single one. She came up with a genius way to decide what teas to give to each person. She paired the flavor with their personality! Shall we say, she’s considering their personaliTEA? Hee, I do crack myself up sometimes. But, not literally, I’m a mint condition teacup!

For her sweetest friends, she going to include Hy-vee’s chocolate mint herbal tea. The cool minty freshness and sweet chocolate flavor is sure to please. Who wouldn’t love the combination of chocolate and mint? One sip and you’ll feel like you are sipping rich hot chocolate after an invigorating winter hike. Comforted and relaxed. Kat’s aunt serves this tea after wintertime dinner parties. It has no caffeine so it’s perfect for the evening. The mint and chocolate makes it a delicious way to end a meal all on its own. But it could also be paired with chocolate, coconut, or custardy desserts for an outstanding finish.

For her peaceful yoga bunnies, she’s going for a green tea and ginger blend. The subtle, grassy green flavor is relaxing and mellow to enhance that post-yoga meditative feeling. The ginger gives a restorative zing they can enjoy before or after a vigorous yoga class. Kat likes this idea so much, she may just bring a large thermos of it to share with everyone after her next class.

For her ambitious friends that love being on the go, she’s gifting them a large package of yerba mate. It’ll give them the caffeine they need to keep going all day long! Not only that, but the mate will allow these busy friends a few mindful moments to stop and prepare the tea.

For her serious professional types, she’s including matcha. It’s delicious, and gives long-lasting energy and focus for those projects that start early and run late into the evening. She’s also going to include a few bags of chamomile tea, to help them relax after a tough day at the office.

For the nurturing mothers, Kat’s going to include a floral, high quality oolong. It’s the perfect tea to sip during a much needed break. They can take even the quickest moment for themselves to savor the oolong tea. The unique floral flavor will transport them to a misty mountain in Taiwan where the lush green tea plantation is veiled in mist. She’ll also include a few bags of rooibos, for the times when those little ones are asking for a cup of tea all their own. This herbal tea is tasty and caffeine free, perfect for little budding tea aficionados.

For her most sincere and trustworthy friends, she’s gifting them beautiful white teas. They are minimally processed, closest to the natural leaf. The taste is clean, sweet, and a little grassy. A pure tea for her oldest friends. White teas can range in flavor from floral and fruity, to more vegetal. Kat is planning on finding white teas from different regions, so her friends can taste how the flavor can differ based on region and not just processing.

For her friends that are curious about tea, but don’t want to give up coffee, she’s including a strong Assam and smoky lapsang souchong. These teas are bold and invigorating, perfect for someone who is used to the bitter notes in coffee.

I think Kat has done a great job of pairing teas based on her friends’ personalities. What would you pick for yourself and your closest friends? There are so many choices, go and get creative!

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