Winter Tea Stew Ideas

IMG_5625.JPGImagine coming home out of the cold to the savory aroma of a hearty winter stew. The big pot bubbling on the stove, whispering its temptations. The fragrant steam warming your frozen cheeks and tickling your slowly thawing nose. This is the time of year that our big blue soup pot gets ready for a season of use. Last night she told me she was trying a few new exercises in order to be in top shape.

Kat loves to cook up a huge pot of stew in the wintertime. Snow is falling outside but inside the tempting smell of stew warms you right up. She recently had the brilliant idea of incorporating tea into her winter stews and soups. We immediately took to the internet to find some recipes. Dearies, it’s time to get brewing and stewing! Here’s a few ideas we love:

Beef stew is one of Kat’s favorites and always a crowd pleaser. We love this recipe, especially since it uses rooibos for a unique tea twist. It has festive flavors along with earthy rooibos. I think we need to make it this weekend! I can smell it already.

For a vegetarian option, lentils are always a good cold-weather choice. They are hearty and comforting, perfect to warm you inside and out. We found this recipe which uses lapsang souchong tea to give the stew a smoky flavor. This recipe is creamy, earthy, smoky, and filled with aromatics and herbs.

In Japan, they serve a green tea and rice soup called ochazuke. This soup is considered wonderfully soothing comfort food. Ocha is ‘tea’ and zuke ‘submerged’. You are basically submerging cooked rice in green tea for a soulful soup. You can customize your ingredients to your taste, there are endless combinations. Popular additions are fish, seaweed, poached eggs and mushrooms. It is simple to make, and perfect on a chilly evening. This site has a little information and a recipe to try your hand at. You can use any kind of Japanese green tea you like, and I love that it includes tofu for a more substantial meal. Here is another variation that looks delicious.

Have you ever though about adding a bit of green tea flavor to your chicken soup? Grandma’s cure-all gets even more restorative with the addition of vegetal green tea. We found this recipe that is quite a unique twist on the traditional soup, and Kat is planning on making it when her mother is in town for a visit. The cook that created this amazing recipe even recommends using green tea noodles! What a delicious idea!

Try adding your favorite teas to your wintertime soups and stews. You’ll be amazed at how the flavor is enhanced and transformed. Have you experimented with tea in your soups and stews? I’d love to hear your recipes!

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