Double Down On Your Teabags!


The other day Kat’s friend Connie was over and we were enjoying an afternoon of convivial relaxation. When it was time for tea, she did the most surprising thing! Kat had the water all ready and asked Connie to choose the teabag she’d like to drink. Connie took a long look through Kat’s diverse selection, picked up two teabags and put in them her cup. When Kat questioned her use of two, Connie replied that she wanted to mix flavors to make her own new tea. I thought this was brilliant! It’s a convenient way to blend teas based on your mood. She placed a lemon tea in her cup and then added a black teabag.  As soon as I noticed, my tea-centric mind started racing to create other combinations.

If you’d like something sweet and fruity with a bit of earthiness to round it out, you should try Kat’s new favorite tea from Dorset Tea and add in an English Breakfast blend. She just cannot get enough of the Strawberry and Cream tea. One of her closest friends brought this tea back for her after a trip to the UK. Kat was wowed by the tart strawberry flavor with notes of luscious cream. She imagines sitting in a quaint tea room enjoying moist scones with this lovely tea. Adding an English Breakfast teabag makes the whole blend smooth and a little bit earthy. A perfect snapshot of a quiet morning at a tea salon.


For days when you want to embellish your green tea, try adding a bag of raspberry tea. Kat’s new favorite is to add raspberry to her green tea. The vegetal green tea is enhanced with the sweet juicy berry flavor. It also makes a wonderful iced tea. She served large pitchers of iced raspberry green tea to her friends all summer long. She’ll sometimes make a batch in the winter, just to pretend that it’s sunny and warm outside. Don’t forget a squeeze of lemon!

Or if you’re looking for a minty tea but want a kick of caffeine , try adding a mint teabag to your black tea. It’ll give it a minty tingle and wake you right up. Kat loves a good peppermint tea, but sometimes in the early afternoon she’ll need an extra bit of help to get through the day. Adding it to a black teabag like an Assam or Ceylon gets the job done.


In the evenings Kat sometimes adds a bag of ginger tea in with her chamomile. She completes the mug with a spoonful of honey. This is a zingy and sweet way to relax before bedtime. She’ll sometimes substitute a bag of lemon tea for the ginger depending on her mood. There are endless aromatic herbal tea combinations you can choose from.

Kat now uses this idea everywhere she goes, especially in the office. Her office has many different varieties of tea, and sometimes she gets creative with her choices. It’s a fun way to take a break from the day and wake up your palate. A few of her co-workers have noticed her technique, and started using it as well.  What do you think, will you give the extra bag a try?

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