Taking Tea in Paris


I just adore Paris. The cafes, the perfectly charming streets, the art, and the food! Dearies, did you know that Paris also has wonderful tea shops? When Kat and I were traveling through Paris, we were amazed at the tea rooms, and tea shops we’d see as we strolled through those magical streets. We were happily surprised to see signs for ‘salon de the’ (tea salon) in many shops.  Our host family even offered us herbal teas (referred to as tisanes or infusions) every night after dinner. Our host mentioned that many French folks enjoy tisanes for their digestive properties and calming effects. The fruit and herb combinations vary based on region.

Imagine nibbling on a fresh, crusty baguette and sipping on some of the worlds’ finest teas. Tea time in Paris is something everyone should experience at least once. Some of my favorite French tea shops are:

Dammann Frères: This is a quaint shop that delights the senses. The retail shop was established in the 1920s and the gorgeous wood details in the shop look as is they have many tea stories to tell, as does the Beautifully designed with walls of tea tins. Their teas are harder to find in the US, but a quick online search will result in a few different options.

Mariage Frères: This beautiful shop is perfect for afternoon tea in their sunny salon. They have an extensive tea and food selection to choose from.  They serve tea in beautiful pots with picture-perfect teaware. The store was established in the 1850s and every last detail is steeped in history. Oh, I so want to go back!! I’m dreaming about inhaling the gorgeous scents from their tea blends. Their teas can be found in a few various stores in the US, and online.

Palais des Thés: This shop is a bit more modern than Dammann and Mariage Frères. They also have retail shops in the NY, and I’m sure more are soon to come. They have an extensive US website as well. I adore their herbal and fruit blends. They have an extensive line of signature blends.

Kusmi: I love the fancy blends at this shop! They now have retail shops in the US, and it is easy to find online. The decor is simple here, they let the teas speak for themselves. They have a blend for just about every moon and occasion. They were originally a Russian company and have some very interesting Russian blends.


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