DIY Tea Ice Cream!


Dearies, it may be cold and grey outside, but Kat and I have a trick to make it feel like the middle of the summer. We make ice cream, sorbets, and granitas! When the weather is at its worst, we fire up a little creativity to warm our souls. What’s the best way to obliterate the winter blues? Have an ice cream party! We like to add tea to our frozen treats, of course!

To create just the right atmosphere, Kat likes to serve the ice cream in vintage tea cups! I think serving the iced treats this way makes the tea flavor taste even stronger. If you have little vintage teaspoons, all the better!

Kat’s loves going out for sushi not just for the fresh fish, but because of the green tea ice cream she orders at the end. She looks forward to it during the entire meal. When her mom gave her an ice-cream maker for a birthday present, the first recipe she tried was this one for green tea ice cream. It turned out so well that she served it at her next dinner party to rave reviews. No reason to only have green tea ice cream in a restaurant!

If you’re interested in giving a sorbet a try, Kat loves making this one that has both Jasmine and earl grey tea for a refreshing combination. The coconut juice gives it an added extra summery feel. One bit and you’ll feel that summer sun and hear the wind rustling through the palm trees.


To really conjure up images of summer, try your hand at a tea granita. These are easier to make since they do not require an ice-cream maker. It’s super simple to make with just a few simple ingredients and a bit of time. This recipe is a good one to use as a guide. You can use any tea you’d like, and Kat loves to experiment with different flavors. Granitas as super refreshing and perfect for anyone that can’t have dairy. Kat has recently been using HyVee Honey Orange Chamomile tea in her granitas. This tea has refreshing orange citrus flavor that is sweetened with honey and rounded out by the gentle floral chamomile flavor. It’s a sweet and juicy reminder that summer is just around the corner. The citrus flavor enhances that warm-weather feeling. Kat first tried this tea while traveling for work. She was staying in a hotel and decided to visit the grocery store around the corner. She was looking for a caffeine free tea to enjoy after a long day, and this tea grabbed her interest. She liked the idea of an orange flavored tea. She enjoyed sipping this tea as she relaxed after a long day of meetings and networking. She brought this tea home with her and drinks it all year round.

For something a little different, try a tea affogato. An affogato is an Italian dessert usually made with coffee. Last week Kat was enjoying a cozy Italian dinner with a friend that ordered an affogato for dessert. When Kat noticed it was simply espresso poured over ice cream, she knew she had to try it with tea. She recreated the dish at home by brewing up an Earl Grey tea extra strong and pouring it over vanilla ice cream. The citrusy black tea with sweet vanilla ice cream was such a delicious combination! I have to say I was skeptical at first dearies, but I was amazed at how tasty just a few simple ingredients can be.

What do you think, dearies? As the weather starts to get even colder, think about cheering yourself up with tea-flavored ice creams. You’ll be amazed at how well they create the feeling of summer even when the snow is falling outside. If you create any unique tea recipes, I’d love to hear about them!


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