Making A Tea-Infused Meal


Kat’s been thinking of new creative dinner party ideas. She loves getting together with friends, and wants to change things up a bit. Recently I was helping her find some new tea-infused recipes, and I realized that we had enough diverse recipes in our arsenal to make an entire tea themed meal! From start to finish, we could incorporate tea in every course. Kat loved the idea, and we started planning our menu. This new twist on the traditional dinner party will be a nice change of pace. I’m so pleased with how our menu turned out that I just have to share it with you!

To Start:

When guests arrive Kat is going to serve her latest favorite tea cocktail. This one is an Earl Grey infused gin cocktail. It’s a little sweet, a little tangy and floral. The perfect way to start the tea-infused meal.

She’s also going to have bowls of delicious chai-spiced almonds waiting for her gets to nibble while they sip their cocktails.

When it’s time to sit down for dinner, we’ll start with a delicious tea-infused appetizer.

Kat is going to create a delicate and flavorful tea smoked salmon that we’ll serve on mini toasts topped with Crème fraîche and chives. Smoked salmon is one of Kat’s favorite things, and adding tea to the preparation brings an interesting twist to the dish.

Main Course:

Since everyone will have enjoyed endless heavy and comforting meals over the holidays, Kat wants to keep the main course light but full of flavor. She’s serving tea-steamed cod which will be elegant yet healthful. For the side dish she’s making lemongrass-ginger tea steamed vegetables. I know her guests will love this light and vibrant main course. Perfect with the addition of tea, of course!


Since the meal started with chai, she’s going to end with it as well. Dearies, did you know those spicy masala chai flavors work beautifully in baked goods? These Chai spiced sugar cookies will be divine. Kat can’t stop at just one dessert, and she’s excited to make this green tea panna cotta. Sweet, creamy panna cotta infused with green tea flavor. Warm, and comforting!

 I can’t wait for Kat’s friends to experience this tea-infused meal. It has a variety of flavors yet keeps things light enough for a post-holiday fête.  What do you think, dearies? Would you serve this full tea-infused meal to your guests?

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