Making a Tea-Infused Brunch


Dearies, don’t you just love having brunch with friends? A lazy weekend morning, good friends, delicious food, and of course a perfect cup of tea! On New Year’s Day, Kat is planning on a brunch unlike any other, to start the year off right. She’s invited her closest friends over for a morning of tea-infused sweet and savory treats! What better way to start off the new year!

 In preparation for the brunch, I’ve been helping Kat research all of the necessary recipes. She wants to do a sweet dish, an egg dish, and something a bit healthy. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far:

 For something hearty and healthy, she’s thinking of making this recipe of chai spiced fruit compote with yogurt. I love the idea of warming chai spices with sweet fruit and cooling yogurt. The flavors get blended together and compliment each other nicely. A healthy yet delicious way to incorporate tea into the brunch.

 Another healthy recipe she may try is infusing steel cut oatmeal with tea. The easiest way to do this is to infuse your cooking liquid with tea, and then cook the oats in it. Kat is going to infuse milk. Warm the amount of liquid you need, add a teabag for each portion, and steep for 5-7 minutes. Simply remove the bag(s) and then cook your oatmeal with the liquid. You can use any kind of milk or water. Easy and delicious! Kat is going to use HEB Hibiscus Ginger Orange tea for a fruity, tart flavor to compliment the earthy oatmeal. She’s also going to add raisins and diced apple to the oatmeal. Kat loves this tea from HEB, the spicy ginger and tart orange flavor reminds her of the holidays. She first picked this tea up over the summer after tasting it at her Aunt’s house. It made a lovely refreshing iced tea, and she likes it even more during the holidays as a warm spicy treat.

 On to the sweet- don’t these earl grey pancakes with honey tea syrup sound divine? I think Kat’s friends are going to love them. They incorporate tea in the pancake batter and the syrup! I love the idea of using citrusy earl grey in a pancake. The flavor will bring a sweet brightness to the brunch party.


For the egg dish, Kat is thinking of making tea eggs. Have you heard about them? Tea eggs are a common snack in Chinese cuisine. They are cooked, cracked, and then cooked again in tea and Chinese spices. Cooking the eggs in the tea and spice mixture after cracking causes the tea to seep into the eggs and create a striking pattern. Kat is going to cook up a batch of the tea eggs using this recipe. The eggs look so beautiful that she’s going to serve a few whole, and she’ll also make some into egg salad and serve in finger sandwiches. You must try them for yourself, the patterns they make are so pretty that you won’t want to eat them!

 While looking through egg recipes Kat noticed a few that recommended sprinkling a little bit of matcha on scrambled eggs just as you take them out of the skillet. Such a smart idea! She’s quite taken with the tea egg idea but she’ll keep this matcha tip in her back pocket for other breakfast gatherings, and of course for a morning when she needs an extra bit of fun.

 Are you planning a New Year’s Day brunch? I hope you’ll use some of our recipe ideas. I can’t think of a better way to start off the year than with friends, food, and tea!

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