Disney & Tea!


Dearies, Kat had a few days off around the holidays, and she decided to have a fun, nostalgic afternoon watching movies. We brewed up some teas, popped popcorn, and had a Disney movie marathon. I admit, it was fun to lounge around with Kat while she was in her PJs, sipping tea and watching her favorite childhood films. The best part for me was seeing tea make an appearance in so many of the films! I had no idea that tea was ever used in a Disney film!


I’m sure most of you would have guessed Alice in Wonderland. If you’ve seen the film you’ll never forget the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Kat cheered when the scene started with steaming teapots belting out the sweet tune ‘A Very Merry Un-Birthday’. Alice is given a steaming cup of tea, and the Mad Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse sing to her while the teapot band steams and whistles, making all sorts of delightful sounds. Kat said she remember watching this scene as a young girl, and then promptly asked her mother for a tea set. You know, she still has that little porcelain tea set on a shelf in the dining room. Those little cups can be quite entertaining with their sweet stories and endless nursery rhymes. They are adventurous and get into all sorts of trouble while Kat is away!


For me, tea popped up in the most surprising place in Mary Poppins. Kat said she had completely forgotten that tea even made an appearance this beloved film! She watched it many times as a child, but didn’t remember the tea until Mary, Bert and the kids visit Uncle Albert.  ‘When the ‘I Love to Laugh’ song started she remembered the tea party on the ceiling! Laughter, music, and tea all get combined for a silly, jovial scene. Everyone has a good time, and gets to have a nice cuppa tea!


There is even a quick tea scene in Mulan, when the title character goes to see The Matchmaker. It’s quite comical, and Mulan is supposed to pour a proper cup of tea while showing poise and dignity. I love how her personality shines through. She reminds me of Kat!


When you think of tea in Disney films, I’m sure most of you will immediately think of Beauty and the Beast. Who can forget Mrs. Potts and the beloved Chip? These characters make many appearances in the film  I love how Mrs. Potts is a round, jolly teapot. She’s motherly and responsible as the castle’s head housekeeper, just as a good teapot should be. She’s also very warm and consoling, just like the tea she brews up. Chip is cheerful and adventurous. He reminds me of those little teacups from Kat’s original childhood set.

These films are dear to Kat’s heart and it was such fun to spot the cameo tea appearances! I noticed in every scene that tea makes an appearance, there is also joyful music. Tea brings even brings happiness to fictional characters.

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