How to Properly Store Your Teas


Dearies, I know we’ve discussed how long teas last, and an important part of keeping your tea fresh is the proper storage. Did you know that your teas will last longer if they are stored the right way?

Treat your teas with respect! With the proper storage techniques, you’ll have fresh tea for months. If you’re not storing your teas correctly, even the highest quality tea will lose flavor quickly. You need to store your tea in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Here are a few important tips:

-Store away from light: Dearies, I know it’s tempting to store your beautiful tea leaves in glass jars, so you can marvel at those beauties. But light will degrade those leaves stripping them of color and flavor. Use opaque containers and resalable foil bags to keep the teas fresh. Steep your tea in glassware, that way you’ll still be able to marvel at the tea as it works its magic in the water.

-Keep away from high temperature: The warmth near your kitchen stove for example, will continue to oxidize teas, degrading the leaves and impacting the flavor. Even if it’s tempting to have your teas close to the kettle, please move those precious leaves to a cooler location! If you have a very small kitchen, consider moving your teas closer to where you sit and dine.

-Keep away from moisture and strong odors: Tea will absorb the scent from anything around it. If you are storing tea in your pantry, make sure it is not anywhere near spices or pungent smelling goods. You don’t want to steep up a pot of green tea that tastes like a spice rack (well only if you are intentionally preparing masala chai!). Also do not store tea in the refrigerator. There are so many odors in there, it’s just a bad idea! If you’re storing tea elsewhere, make sure it’s not anywhere musty. Moisture will cause the leaves to lose flavor and spoil as well, so make sure you are keeping the leaves in a dry area. No damp basements!

– Keep tea in air-tight containers: Just like heat, exposure to air will also continue to oxidize the teas. This is especially important for teas that are barely oxidized to begin with. Tea will even start to spoil in airtight containers since there still is a bit of air in there, but it will greatly slow down the process.

So my lovely tea friends, now you know how to properly store your tea. You have no excuses for stale tea! Prolong the life of your teas and ensure you get a fresh, delicious cup every time.

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