Tea-themed Valentine’s Day Gifts


It’s almost February, which means one of my favorite holidays is fast approaching! Valentine’s day is a day where you shouldn’t be afraid to show affection for the people you love! Friends, family, partners, just about everyone. I admit I have a true soft spot for romance. Getting mysterious love notes from a secret crush, it just sends tingles up my handle! I also absolutely adore vintage valentines. Did you know there are many that are tea-themed? Dearies, I’ve been around quite a while and I remember when these valentines were new. A quick search on online will bring up a myriad of vintage tea-themed valentines. Kat has decided to incorporate these vintage beauties into her tea-themed valentines’ day gifts.

Beautiful heart-shaped sugars are a lovely gift, and perfect for the holiday. Kat is planning on giving pretty sugars to friends, and serving a few for a V-day themed tea. It’s sure to create a ‘sweet’ Valentine’s day. Hee hee!


To pair with those sugars, you need to add a tea, of course! Kat is going to select a few special teas that are meaningful for each person. For her very special valentine, she’s going to include a tea she knows this valentine will love, and one that they can easily find in the grocery store. This way once the tea has been sipped down, they can replenish it, and hopefully think of Kat every time they sip! She’s incuding this HEB My Cup of Comfort ginger peach black tea. Her valentine loves fruit and spicy flavors, so this combination of sweet peaches and punchy ginger is the perfect thing. Kat first had this tea iced in the summertime, at a lakeside picnic. The sweet peach flavor and refreshing hum of ginger was perfect for a warm summer’s day. Kat recently steeped this tea hot and decided it was also perfect for the winter. The juicy peach brought visions of those summer days, warming her right up. It’s a lovely tea to fight those wintertime blues.

The types of tea you can give are endless. Check my previous post for ‘red tea’ ideas that evoke flavors of the holiday. Kat is planning on making little tea sachets filled with her favorite teas, tied with a handmade heart-shaped tag. A perfect handmade valentine!

Or pair your teas with a beautiful box of chocolates. Here are some of my suggestions of teas to pair with sweets. Or make your own tea-infused chocolates! Who wouldn’t love biting into a chocolate with the flavors of their favorite teas? Earl grey and chocolate pair beautifully together. The citrusy bergamot enhances the sweet chocolate. This recipe for the tea incorporated into chocolate truffles would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. Here is a simple recipe for green tea white chocolate truffles. The combination of green tea and sweet creamy white chocolate reminds me of an expertly crafted matcha latte.

Give the gift of a romantic afternoon tea for two! Set the table with a teapot just large enough for two people, and two dainty cups. Candles, cookies, and scones would be a lovely accompaniment. A few chocolate covered cherries or strawberries would be a decadent addition. Kat is thinking of making scones cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter. She’s done it before and it works quite well. They also make a pretty presentation for breakfast in bed.

Or what about A beautiful teacup wrapped with sugars, your favorite teas, a little book of love poems… there are endless gift ideas that are romantic and tea-focused.  Dearies, what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? I hope you will take time to enjoy tea with your favorite people.

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