Yoga And Tea


My tea lovelies, are you a yoga bunny like Kat? Or perhaps you are interested in yoga but haven’t had a chance to give it a try? Over the years I’ve noticed that Kat enjoys a nice cup of tea after a meditative yoga practice. It makes sense to me- you are feeling more aware of your body, and are able to observe, taste, and feel that cup of tea. Kat says she likes that her post-yoga tea warms her body after it starts to cool down from her class. It also gives her a time to chat with fellow students, and enjoy the bond they share. The tea eases her back into the day slowly.

Many yoga studios serve tea after class as a time for everyone to take a moment to enjoy the feeling of a peaceful, relaxed body. Muscles are nice and warm, and the warm tea enhances the feeling. One of the studios Kat frequents will often serve a tea made with Ayurvedic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. Similar to a masala chai. This got me thinking about various teas that could be appropriate to drink after an influential yoga session. Here’s what I’ve come up with for Kat, depending on the time of day, and type of yoga class she’s taking:

Morning: Green Tea, ginger chai. Try an invigorating green tea or a gingery chai blend. Kat enjoys both after an early morning class. Mellow green tea helps bring her focus and get her ready for the day ahead. The spice in the chai wake up her body and mind.

Afternoon: Kukicha- this a tea made from the stem, stalks, and twigs from the tea plant. Green tea is also sometimes added. This is a light, fresh tasting tea similar to a sencha with a little bit of nuttiness. It is low in caffeine (but still contains some), so you can drink it in the afternoon if you’re not too sensitive to caffeine.

Evening: Roasted Barley Tea- Barley tea is a soothing tea that can be found in Korea and Japan. The drink is toasty, mellow, and extremely refreshing after exercising. It is made only of roasted barley, and doesn’t have any caffeine.  You could make this yourself by simmering roasted barley, but you can also find this tea in Korean and Japanese grocery stores, as well as many health food stores.

If you do hot yoga, I’d recommend a peppermint blend to cool the body down and rejuvenate.  For a more restorative class I steep up lavender and chamomile blends for Kat to help Kat relax.

You can also keep it simple and steep up something based on how you’re feeling. It’s important to listen to your body! Enjoy your tea with friends after class and share a restorative moment together.

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