Teas To Cure The Winter Blues


It’s the time of year where everything is cloudy, grey, and sunny days are few and far between. Dearies, I have the time to hang around the kitchen window and soak up the precious few rays of sunlight that drift in. But for most of you busy folks out there, it’s hard to find a cure for those winter blues. Well, leave it to me, I have thought up a helpful remedy! Fragrant teas sure to give you the feeling of warm sunshine with each sip. Surrounding yourself with beautiful tea will do wonders for your mood. Here are a few types to keep an eye out for:

Lemon and Ginger- These two ingredients bring sunshine and tropics. It’s sure to immediately lift your mood. Simply grate a teaspoon of ginger in a cup, squeeze in a large wedge of lemon and pour in the hot water. Steep at least 5 minutes before enjoying. The smell alone with bring you a jolt of happiness. One of Kat’s friends grew up in Trinidad, and she said they served ginger tea for every occasion. Just a sip can bring her back to the deep blue sea and bright sunshine. Kat often adds a dash of honey to the cup, to round out the flavors.

Peppermint- I like steeping up some fresh peppermint if Kat can find it, but bagged mint tea will do nicely as well. The fresh herbal flavor will evoke images of lush herb gardens in the summertime. Just inhale that wonderful minty flavor and remember that spring isn’t too far away.


Fruity blends- Choose blends with fruit flavors and aromas. Anything with berries, and/or fruit work nicely. In the winter Kat often reaches for Private Selection Acai, pomegranate, and blueberry green tea. Her mother enjoys sending her tea care packages from time to time, and this tea from Kroger came in her last shipment. As soon as the hot water hit this tea, the aroma uplifts her mood. The sweet, fruity pomegranate and blueberry flavor bring an inner sunshine to the day. The flavor is strong and juicy, so Kat doesn’t normally take any sweetener, but a touch of honey would also be lovely. This would be a fantastic refreshing iced tea as well! The flavor evokes picnics in a sunny meadow where wild berries grow.

These are just a few ideas to melt away those winter blues. Do you have any of your own winter go-to teas? I’d love to give Kat even more ideas!

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