How To: Collecting Vintage Teacups


Most of you know that I’m a vintage teacup. I’ve traveled around the world with Kat’s great Aunt Char, and have steeped countless cups of tea over the years. Kat and I have a special bond, and she often says she loves using vintage teaware because it’s beautiful and holds so much history. Kat has quite a few vintage teacups, and I’ve noticed her friends often chatting about where they go for their own vintage finds. Dearies, apparently us old ladies are become quite trendy these days. Thrifting for teaware is quite fashionable! Oh, I feel so chic and important when I overhear Kat’s friends talking about their favorite teacups.

Kat often goes to local thrift shops to look for teaware. She visits regularly since every week she finds something new. It’s an inexpensive way to hunt for treasures. She will also hit antique stores when she’s traveling. Most towns will have at least one, and you never know what you can find! Flea markets are also a good option if there is one nearby. Once the weather warms up, garage sales are also a fabulous way to pick up vintage cups for a steal.

Kat also hunts for vintage cups online, and will lose track of time while she browses various auction sites. I occasionally get a bit jealous, but I know I’m her number one cup! I also find that the vintage cups she brings home have the most amazing stories to tell. I met one cup that was hidden away in a basement for years before finally ending up at the thrift store. She was a little girl’s favorite cup before she was boxed away. I’m so glad Kat was able to rescue this lovely teacup!

Kat loves using her vintage tea cups for parties. The table just looks so much better with the dainty mismatched cups and saucers! It also makes the event fancier. She keeps teacups out for the décor, too. They add a bit of character to dull corners and brighten up any shelf or table. Some of Kat’s friends use their teacups as candle holders and vessels to store their jewelry. Kat uses cracked cups as seed starters and herb planters.

If you’d like to enjoy pictures of beautiful teacups of all shapes and sizes, pop over to my Other Lovely Tea Cups Pinterest page. Happy collecting!


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