DIY Tea Potpourri


Recently Kat was at one of her favorite tea shops where she noticed something surprising in the bathroom of all places! In a little bowl next to the sink was a bowl of potpourri made of tea leaves and beautiful dried flowers. She thought it would be fun to re-create this aromatic blend at home, and came up with her own recipe.

To make Kat’s potpourri, you’ll need:

Tea of choice (about 1 cup)

Essential oil (a few drops)

Dried flowers (as many as you want! But at least ½ a cup)

Simply mix the leaves and flowers together, add a few drops of essential oil and mix again. Kat likes to match the flowers with the essential oil. For example, lavender oil with dried lavender. You can also add spices such as cinnamon and cloves to the mix. Don’t forget other decorative items like mini pinecones or acorns for a whimsical touch. Leave in a bowl or transfer to sachets. You can freshen with a drop or two of essential oil as necessary.

If you don’t want to use essential oils you can also use scented teas such as jasmine or rose. Or any flavored tea blend would be nice. You may need to change it out more frequently as the aroma won’t last as long as oil based potpourri.

Kat sometimes creates little sachets with handmade tags as hostess gifts. Leaving a handmade sachet on a nightstand gives a special homey touch for overnight guests. They also make lovely gifts for bridal showers and tea parties.

The combinations are endless! If you aren’t sure where to find essential oils, try your local health food store. They are also easily purchased online. Well dearies, I’m off to start thinking up new tea and aroma combinations!


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