Crafting With Tea Cups


My lovely tea friends, do you enjoy crafting? Kat loves getting creative when she has a bit of free time, and she’s always off puttering around the house, looking for ways to re-use old objects. It’s fun and also environmentally friendly to bring new life to an old or broken object.

 As difficult as it is for me to look at a broken teacup, I realize that instead of chucking the old dear into a storage box or even the garbage (heavens!), why not take that beautiful cup and make it into something useful again? A cracked or broken cup may not be able to hold tea, but there are so many other uses for them!

 Candles- it’s fairly simple to create a teacup candle! If you have a cup that’s missing a handle, or even just slightly cracked, this is a great use for the little dear. You can find helpful instructions on how to make your own cup candles here and here.


Jewelry organizer- place teacups on your bedside table or dresser to hold things such as rings and bracelets. Kat will put small earrings on the saucer as well, which makes them easy to find. Kat has a friend that placed a whole bunch of cracked and mismatched teacups in a drawer, and they act as a beautiful organizer. One cup is for hair pins, another for hair ties, one for rings, and one for lipsticks. It’s a great way to organize a desk as well- cups are the perfect size for paper clips, loose change, erasers…the possibilities are endless!

A little planter or seed starter- Kat plants herbs in her smaller teacups for a kitchen windowsill garden. She uses smaller cups as seed starters for her garden herbs and vegetables. They are just the right size to let a seed sprout and grow large enough to transfer to the garden. It’s also easy to carry the cups outside without making a mess.

Kat has become a little obsessed with terrariums lately- they are little lush worlds of moss and succulent plants. A small teacup is a fun addition to a terrarium. Kat has a large glass globe that fits one of her smaller demitasse cups. She put rocks and moss in the cup, and surrounded it with little succulents. It’s really quite a stunning display. I love looking at it and imagining little fairies flitting around and having a picnic!

I’ve been hunting around pinterest and found even more clever ideas! I especially like the idea of a teacup bird feeder! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a teacup in your garden as a special place for birds to rest and eat? I love the idea of watching birds happily pecking food out of a teacup! Be sure to visit my tea crafts pinterest page for this and other ideas.

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