Tea Scene: Portland


It seems like all of Kat’s friends are visiting Portland, Oregon these days. It’s a mecca for cool young folk looking for delicious food and artisanal goods. Kat is planning a trip there and has discovered there are quite a few interesting tea destinations in Portland. We discovered an amazingly long list of place to visit. Here are some of the highlights that we found:

Smith Tea You may have seen Smith Teas in specialty shops around the country. They have their home base in Portland, with two beautiful tasting rooms. The shops are sleek and industrial. You can try a flight of teas to really get to know a particular type, or just a relaxing pot of tea. They also get experimental with interesting blends that they create themselves. If they happen to be offering a tea on nitro, go for it! It sounds mysterious, but trust me you won’t be disappointed.

The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company– This is the perfect place to get loose tea, sparkling teas, and tea lattes. They serve sweet and savory food, and have fun pieces of teaware for sale. Teas can be served in the gong-fu style in traditional and modern vessels, and you can taste teas from all around the world.

Behind The Museum Cafe– This place is just what the name says- behind the Portland art museum cafe, there is a beautiful little Japanese tea shop. Beautiful Japanese tea and teaware line the walls, such a pretty sight! They even have a gallery space for Japanese art and culture. The cafe serves homemade Japanese sweets, sandwiches and savory dishes. You can get matcha and beautiful wagashi while relaxing after an afternoon at the museum.

Tea Bar– This is a light and airy place, comfortable and relaxing to enjoy a well-sourced cup of pure tea, tea latte, matcha, iced tea and kombucha. They also make their own bubble teas! Kat had a few friends visiting Portland that went back to Tea Bar a few times to try all of their different iced selections.

Townshend’s Tea House– This mini chain of tea houses is a lovely place to pop in for a reliable cup with 100 different kinds of loose tea, and kombucha on tap. It’s a good place to keep in mind if you are running about the city.

Red Robe Tea House & Cafe– This is a Chinese tea shop in the heart of Portland’s Chinatown. They have a large selection of Chinese teas with a focus on oolongs. The serve the teas in elegant gong-fu vessels such as gaiwans. They also have a lovely menu of delicious food items to pair with your tea.

Dearies these are just a few of the many exciting tea places Portland has to offer. I can’t wait to visit with Kat. This little teacup wants to hang out with the cool kids! If we’ve left out your favorite Portland tea shop, please let me know.

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