Tea Perfumes


Close your eyes and imagine the scent of your favorite tea. How does it make you feel? Can you ever get enough of it? Inhaling the aroma of your tea is part of the joy of the tea-drinking experience. In order to recreate this feeling and get as much tea-goodness as she can on a daily basis, Kat incorporates tea into her bath and beauty routine. She often likes to create her own tea-infused beauty products and I’ve even shared some recipes with you. But there is one product she has recently discovered that she hasn’t figured out how to replicate yet. Tea perfume!

 Dearies, wouldn’t it be so comforting to keep the scent of your favorite tea with you all the time? Kat was recently shopping in a large department store and while walking through the cosmetics and beauty area she almost fell over because she stopped so quickly. She found a perfume brand that had a whole line of tea scents! She proceeded to test each and every one of them, perhaps more than once. She had never thought about tea in a perfume before, and ever since then she’s started collecting them.

 A few of Kat’s favorites are from perfumer Jo Malone. The brand has a ‘rare tea’ collection that includes scents of Darjeeling, silver needle, and oolong just to name a few. Kat loves to choose one of these for an evening out. She always gets compliments on her scent, and she loves getting a hint of tea fragrance throughout the evening.

 For another black tea choice, try Bulgari’s Eau Parfumee au Thé Rouge (red tea). As you may know, Chinese black teas are referred to as red tea. This perfume is spicy, citrusy, and sweet. It evokes delicious black tea blends and Kat loves to wear it on warm summer evenings.

 If you’re looking for a green tea scent, Bulgari also makes Eau Parfumee au Thé Vert (green tea perfume) one of her favorites. It’s lush, green, and a little sweet. It’s perfect for anyone just getting into tea scented perfumes. It can also be easier to find thank some of the other tea perfumes out there.

 For something a bit different and absolutely gorgeous, Kat enjoys L’Ile au Thé (island tea) by Annick Goutal. This tea takes its inspiration from the Korean island of Jeju where green tea is grown along with mandarin trees. This tea smells lush, green, sweet, and citrusy. It’s a beautiful choice for a luxurious gift.

 A scent that’s appropriate for daily wear is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scent Spray. This is an affordable spray that is light and fresh. It’s subtle enough for Kat to wear every day, no matter what the occasion. You could say this is her ‘signature scent’.

 Do you have a favorite tea perfume? Have you ever even tried one? Kat loves wearing her tea perfumes, they are subtle yet quite interesting. She gets compliments on her fragrance almost every time she wears one of them. They are unique yet quite comforting to the tea lover.

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