Meet Tippy, a.k.a. The Lovely Tea Cup


Once the treasured tea cup of a daring world-traveler named Char, she is now in the possession of the great-granddaughter who has carried on the tradition of traveling with Tippy.

Curious, frugal, and a closet admirer of Wedgewood, Tippy often takes us down memory lane, telling tales of exploring tea estates, participating in a variety of tea traditions, and describing the sparkling personalities she met along the way.

She also shares her hearty joie de vivre in her new home and the carrying case of her new owner, Kat, experiencing new teas, new traditions, and new friends who are sharing their love of tea in their own unique ways, though perhaps closer to home.

While she may spout thoughts without always thinking them through, her opinions and ponderings provide wise counsel, clever tips, fun facts and even party plans that are easy on the pocketbook.

You never know what Tippy will share next, but you certainly won’t want to miss it!

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