Tippy’s Tea-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts


Dearies, it’s Memorial Day weekend and the grilling season is upon us! I thought I’d share my easy chicken tea marinade that Kat likes to use for an easy weeknight grilled meal. It’s also perfect for a crowd! It’s easy to double or triple the recipe. The tea creates a tender, juicy grilled chicken.

 Tippy’s Tea-Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts

1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breast

2 cups strong black tea fully cooled (you will need 2 tea bags, we like to use Harris Tea Decaffeinated Black Tea)

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 teaspoon grated ginger

pinch of black pepper

 Boil water for tea. Steep 2 tea bags in 2 cups of water, for 15 minutes and set aside until fully cooled.

 Pound chicken breasts out until they are between 1/4 and 1/2 inches thick. The thinner you pound them out, the faster they will cook.


 In a medium sized bowl combine cooled tea, soy sauce, ginger, and black pepper. Whisk together well. Pour over chicken and let marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours, but can also be left overnight. Kat will often put the mixture together in the morning, and will let everything marinate while she’s at work.

 Once marinated, we like to grill our chicken, and serve with fresh jasmine rice, and steamed broccoli or green beans for a healthy and light meal. But you can also cut the chicken up into pieces and stir fry with assorted veggies.


Kat likes to use Harris Tea Decaffeinated Black Tea in this marinade. The tea is simple, brisk, and perfect with the chicken. She always has it in her pantry for the times that she wants a quick, easy, tasty cup of black tea at any time of the day. It also makes a lovely cold brewed iced tea! This would be a refreshing pairing with the chicken breasts. Kat likes to add lots of lemon and a touch of honey to this iced tea. Serve this meal for your family or your next outdoor gathering. It’s super simple and tasty.

Get ready for grilling season with this delicious tea themed recipe! I do hope you enjoy it.

Teaching Children About Tea


Do you love children as much as Kat does? Any time she has the change to babysit her little niece Camille, she gets so excited! She’s always planning on games to play with her. On Camille’s last visit, she was curious about Kat’s tea. She had a sip and decided she liked it. Kat decided it was time to cultivate Camille’s love for tea! I’ve been watching Kat teach Camille, and I took a few notes. Here are a few tips on teaching kids about the joys of tea:

-Offer them sips of your tea when they take an interest: Kat always always offers Camille a taste of her tea. If her niece wants her own cup, she’ll take out a rooibos, herbal, or decaffeinated tea for her. She always puts it in a fancy cup with a saucer to make her feel extra special.

-Talk to them about the growing regions all around the world: After their sip of your tea, tell them where the tea was grown! You can also find books about the regions, or find information online to share. Make sure you have lots of pictures.

-Teach them how tea grows, how it’s picked, processed, and shipped all around the world. Again you can find books, and print out information about the teas they are interested in. This would be a great ‘how to’ project for a child in 2nd or 3rd grade.

-One of my favorite ideas is to have a party for all the senses- let the children see the leaves of different types of tea, smell the leaves before and after steeping, and have them take a few sips. Have them try and describe what they smell and taste. You’ll be amazed and surprised at what they’ll say! Children of all ages will enjoy tea, treats, and lovely decorations.

To create your party, cupcakes, scones, and tea sandwiches are sure to catch their attention. I also  found this recipe for tea gummies! You could make them in any shape you’d like. I just love the idea!

Serve a tea that’s caffeine free, so they can enjoy as much as they like. Kat reserves some of her Hy-Vee Honey Orange Chamomile for her niece when she visits. Her niece loves the sweet orange flavor. It’s tangy, and the smooth honey is also quite soothing. Don’t tell, but Kat sometimes lets her niece add an extra dollop of honey to make the brew even sweeter. Dearies this also makes a wonderfully refreshing iced tea.

Teaching children about the wonderful world of tea will open their minds to different flavors, and they’ll learn about places all over the world.

Teas To Welcome Spring


Dearies, I’m just so tired of this cold weather, aren’t you? Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of it, I noticed a few green shoots sprouting in the garden! Spring is ready to burst forth, and I can barely wait another minute! I’ve decided to round up a few lovely floral teas to properly welcome springtime. What could be better than looking at the budding flowers while sipping on a lovely floral tea? Bring a bouquet into your cup and the winter weather will feel lightyears away.

Jasmine tea is a perfect choice to melt away the frost. The sweet, delicate jasmine combined with grassy green tea will bring you right to a sunny meadow with the dainty white flowers. Close your eyes, breathe in the intoxicating floral aroma. You’ll feel as good as new!

Rose teas are also a wonderful choice. I adore Kat’s rose garden and the scent always uplifts. Sometimes she’ll set a little table in front of her trellis of roses and we’ll enjoy tea in the sunshine. A sip of rose tea will make you feel like you’re right in the garden.  I enjoy green teas scented with rose, and you can often find teas with the rose petals mixed right in. It’s beautiful to look at and to drink. It would also work well as a potpourri. I’ve also seen rose as a tisane, all on its own.


Chamomile is a springtime favorite for Kat. She has many different chamomile choices in her cupboard, and her newest favorite is called Cool Chamomile from British company Dorset Tea. Kat’s friend Jocelyn moved to England a few years ago and always sends her teas she can’t find in the states. This chamomile from Dorset is one of Jocelyn’s favorites and now Kat is obsessed with it as well. The soothing sweet chamomile is accented with tangy raspberry and lemongrass for a unique and delicious tea. The lemongrass makes me think of those bright green early spring shoots that are sprouting up all over the garden. This combination is bright, yet relaxing. Kat often has this tea in the evening since it’s herbal and won’t keep her awake. She also has been making it iced, as a refreshing sunny sip to keep those winter blues away. It’s the perfect tea to welcome spring!

 Springtime is also when the new harvests of teas start to arrive at your favorite tea shop. Be sure to ask for the spring green, oolong, white, and first flush Darjeeling teas. They will be fresh and vibrant, and perfect for your cup.

DIY Green Tea Bath Soak


Dearies, the weather is slowly starting to warm up, and Kat is ready to start feeling renewed for spring. We’ve talked about tea beauty products before, but I’ve been reading so much about green tea in the bath, and I’ve come up with a few ways that Kat can use her favorite beverage to relax and cleanse for Spring.

 The simplest way to have a good soak is with a few tea bags in the water. Tie 5-6 teabags together and pop in your tub while you fill with warm water. The tea will gently steep and make an invigorating, relaxing soak. You can take the teabags out after the water has just the right amount of tea for your liking. Kat likes to use green teabags from Harris Tea. They are a nice basic green tea that will give you a relaxing soak with a pleasant, subtle aroma. You can learn about where to purchase these teabags here.

 Take your love for matcha to the next level with a matcha bath soak! Mix 1 cup of epsom salts and 1/2 a teaspoon of matcha. Place this under the running bath water. This soak will soothe tired muscles, and energize you at the same time! You’ll feel relaxed and focused for your next activity.

 You can also harness the fizzy power of a bath bomb! These little wonders fizz until they are completely dissolved by the bath water. These are a fun and creative way to add green tea to your bath. I found this recipe that uses easy to find ingredients.

 An important thing to note is you should be using culinary grade matcha, not the expensive stuff. You won’t be drinking your bath, so there is no need to use the fancy matcha you keep on hand for your morning bowl of tea.

 Or if you don’t fancy the idea of green tea in the bath, how about a relaxing soak while sipping on a warm mug of green tea? I’d recommend trying a kukicha, because it’s much lower in caffeine and the roasted flavor is quite relaxing.

 Be sure to pay a visit to my green tea bath pinterest page for more ideas!

DIY Springtime Tea Party


Since spring is on the way, Kat has decided it’s time to start planning her annual spring tea party! She always gets so cheerful when she’s planning her springtime teas, and who wouldn’t perk right up at the idea of tea amongst beautiful flowers and delicious treats?

She’s planning on having the tea party on her back patio. It’ll be lovely among the newly budding flowers and trees. The dining room will be the back-up plan in case of rain or chilly weather. No matter where the party will be, flowers will be everywhere! She’ll have vintage teacups stationed on the table and throughout the area holding all sorts of bright flowers. Yellow freesia and daffodils are my favorite! I love the sunny yellow hue. But of course, any cheerful flowers will do!

For our savories, we’ll serve delicate tea sandwiches- We like to keep our spring tea fare on the light side, with these lemony cucumber tea sandwiches. Crisp fresh cucumbers, zesty lemon and creamy cheese make a delicious yet light bite. She’s also going to serve a platter of smoked salmon with bagel crisps, capers, and crème fraiche. Everyone can help themselves to take as much or as little as they’d like.

Kat’s planning on making these lemon ginger scones and serving an abundance of fresh fruit- seasonal items such as oranges, kumquats, cantaloupe, and kiwi will be featured. She likes to keep the fruit as seasonal as possible to ensure freshness. Don’t forget the Devonshire cream!

We will have a bright lemony tea to bring sunny sips to the party. HEB Lemon Herbal Tea will be the perfect accompaniment to our fresh springtime fare. This tea has hibiscus, rosehips, orange and lemon peel with a little bite of chicory root and tang of lemongrass. It’s tart, tangy, and sweet. The lemon flavor is so juicy, it’s as if you squeezed a fresh lemon wedge in your cup right before drinking! Kat’s mom sent her this tea recently when she was starting to feel the effects of our cold, stormy winter. The zingy brew perked her right up. A dash of honey adds a nice comforting sweetness. She’s kept this tea in mind for her springtime tea ever since she tried it.


After the scones, Kat’s going to serve a little cups of tea sorbet. She has these sweet little demitasse cups that will work perfectly! I love the mismatched vintage teaware Kat uses for tea parties. She’ll be pulling out all the floral cups she can find for her spring soiree! I better get those cups in order, they need a proper dusting and we need to review how to behave during a tea party! Us vintage teacups can get a bit forgetful, but we’re quick to learn!

Dearies, I promise that spring is almost here! Do you have any special spring events you are looking forward to?

Drinking Harris Teas


Lately Kat has been thinking about her late aunt Char (who I lived with for a very long time), and how much fun they had together. As a young girl Kat would sit in Char’s kitchen and listen to endless stories from her worldwide travels (I was always with her). As they sat together they’d have sips of various teas. Kat has a special fondness for a few teas in particular that Char always had around the house. They don’t have a fancy pedigree or an expensive price tag. These are simple, basic teas that Char reached for when she needed a good, ‘cuppa’.

 Kat has started buying Harris Teas when she was in New Jersey for a conference, and happened to stop by the local Acme grocery store. She saw the old familiar name brand from her childhood and had a wave of nostalgia wash over her. She bought all three teas that they sell because she had all of them as a child and remembers them fondly.

 The tea Kat drinks on days when she needs a little happy boost of nostalgia is the decaffeinated black tea. Char used to serve this tea in dainty porcelain cups with a bowl of sugar cubes on the table. I remember a young little Kat afraid to handle us dainty cups and focused very hard on each sip. Of course as a young girl Kat mostly enjoyed the sugar cubes, but as she got a little bit older, the tea and conversation was the most important part. This tea brews up nice and dark, and has a rich black tea flavor. Even though it’s decaffeinated it has a lovely bold taste. Kat’s friends are always pleasantly surprised when she tells them it’s a decaf tea. Kat often keeps it on hand for iced tea and adds plenty of juicy lemon slices.

 The Harris green tea is one Kat likes to keep on hand as a good basic green tea. She enjoys it in the early afternoon as a pick-me-up, and keeps a box stashed in her desk drawer at work. The large box lasts a long time, and she loves the mild green tea flavor. She’s given this tea to co-workers that don’t normally care for green tea, and they’ve always come back for more. She enjoys the Harris decaffeinated green tea in the evenings, sometimes with a touch of honey.

Just like the decaf black, it has a pure green tea taste, and no one ever believes that it’s a decaf tea. It’s a perfect mild tea to wind down with in the evening.


Recently upon examining the box she noticed that Harris Tea donates a portion of the tea proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association. She was happy to know that not only do the teas remind her of her favorite person, but they also donate to a wonderful cause. Be sure to check out their website http://harristeabrand.com/ for more information on the teas and where to purchase them.

 Dearies, I have a soft spot in my heart for these teas. I think of Char and our adventures every time Kat brews one up. Have you tried Harris teas? I’d love to hear what you think!