Camping With Tea


Here’s the scene: Waking up in the lush green forest listening to birdsong and the smoky comforting smell of a campfire. Summertime is Kat’s favorite time of year to go camping. She loves being out in the forest so close to nature. Hiking, fishing, cooking over a fire, she just loves it all! She even likes sleeping in a tent. There is however one comfort she can’t live without: tea!

Over the years Kat has perfected a way to have tea while camping. It involves a little bit of gear, but can also be done with less. She does have a bit of tea camping gear, she just love collecting tea ware no matter what the occasion! Those enamelware cups are just so cute, Kat has a large vintage collection!

So there are only a few things you really need to enjoy tea while camping: First a heat source (campfire or camping stove), and vessel to boil water (we just use a cooking pot). Then you pick and choose: thermos, enamelware teapot, and enamelware teacups, empty teabags to fill, or just regular teabags. If you are trying to pack light, all you really need is the boiled water and a cup to put your tea in. If you need to pack even lighter, you can put the tea directly in your cup and sip it grandpa style (sipping with the leaves directly in the water). Or you could put the tea in a fillable teabag, steep and remove. Or of course, you can bring along your favorite teabags, and steep those. That’s what Kat often does.



A tea she likes to bring camping is Private Selection Orange Spice black tea. This tea has orange cinnamon and clove flavors that hold up well to that smoky camp fire. Perfect with a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner by the campfire. It would also pair nicely with sweet, chocolatey s’mores, which are a must if you are going camping! Kat drinks this tea all year round. It’s soothing in the chilly months and quite refreshing when it’s warmer outside. She even serves it iced! I guess you could say it’s one of her staples. She always has it in the cupboard.

Dearies, will you try my tips for your next camping trip? Do you have any other ideas for taking tea in the great outdoors?

Tea and Glamping

Glamping 1

There’s a new form of camping that is sweeping the nation, and I, for one, am a fan! Glamorous + Camping = Glamping!  Gone are the days that a tea cup would fear the rogue cast iron pot or errant log in the campsite. And for Kat, there’s no need to dread a musty sleeping bag on a slowly deflating air mattress.

Voila! The luxurious campground that features beautiful and spacious safari tents, luxurious beds with soft, cool bed linens, cushioned seating, hanging lanterns, and even a dinner box with all the ingredients, tools and implements needed to cook your food over the campfire.

This is an environment where a tea cup can get comfy. Boil some water on the portable gas stove, and set me on a proper, if rustic, dining table as I steep something warm and wild for you.

Here’s a short list of glamp-grounds Kat and I are considering:

Camp Orenda in the Adirondacks offers “Canvas Cabins” (I LOVE that!) with all of the comforts of a luxury hotel: Down comforters, fleece blankets, daily cabin service, including delivery of logs for your own wood-burning stove, and access to an open-flame gourmet dinner menu that looks divine! Each Cabin is nestled thoughtfully in its own private natural sanctuary but with easy access to all of the camp amenities such as yoga, hiking, fishing, canoeing and more.

Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado is a collection of authentically restored log cabins (with a tent cabin or two available as well) that are conveniently located near the local Saloon and Dance Hall. A great private getaway or a fun meet-up adventure with friends, we hear the kitchen will even pack you a custom picnic to take along with you as you explore the area.

El Capitan Canyon in California has a choice of cedar cabins and safari tents in a lush landscape. Willow beds, down-style duvets, and your own grill and fire pit for cooking or roasting marshmallows. Kat could cook her own meals or we could pop over to the Canyon Market and Deli for whatever she needs.

I’m already envisioning myself in these beautiful settings, admiring the forest, watching the birds flit from branch to branch. This is the type of camping a tea cup could get used to!

And, of course, a glamorous outdoor adventure would not be complete without accompanying adventure teas.

First, Fresh & Easy’s Chai Black Tea. I can’t think of a better way to start our morning in the great outdoors than with the fragrance of cinnamon, ginger and anise. Add some milk and sugar, and it’s an adventure with your senses! Sweet, spicy, cozy, and warm.

Then, something special to wind down the day. We’ll have a campfire, a luxurious safari-style tent in the background… this calls for Fresh & Easy’s Rooibos Herbal Tea ! Made from the leaves of the rooibos bush commonly found in South Africa, this tea is caffeine free, and has a wild, sweet, fruity quality to it. The warmth, the soothing sips, the untamed flavors will be just the thing as we talk about what was seen and heard throughout the day and what the plans will be for the morrow.

I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!