Creative Ways To Serve Tea This Halloween


We are inching closer to Kat’s most favorite holiday. Halloween! She just loves the colors, costumes, and festive fall flavors that are associated with the day. Kat’s having her niece Camille and a few of her little friends over for a Halloween party. This year I thought it would be fun to focus on a few teas and fun vessels to serve them in.

First off, the teas. Here are a few of my favorites for Halloween:

Rooibos- Rooibos has a earthy but slightly sweet flavor with a hint of vanilla. It blends well with other flavors and is caffeine free. You can find it with all sorts of flavorful ingredients blended in, or blend it on your own! Add vanilla, fruit, or berries for a festive drink. Camille loves rooibos and always asks for it when she comes to visit.

HEB Cranberry Blood Orange tea– what better tea to serve than one that has ‘blood’ in the name? Hee hee! This one has caffeine so it should be for the adults. It’s a tea Kat has been drinking for years, especially in the cooler weather. The flavor is sweet with a hint of tart freshness. It’s quite delicious and pairs well with desserts and savories with a hint of sweetness. The citrus flavor is a nice change from all the earthy fall flavors often served during this time of year. And really, isn’t it fun to say you’re drinking a bloody tea for Halloween?

Chai hot chocolate- my last post (will link to recipe here) was a delicious recipe for chai hot chocolate. Who wouldn’t love these flavors all mixed together? You can omit the black pepper and lighten up on the ginger if you don’t want it too spicy for the wee ones. You can also omit the tea altogether, to keep it lower in caffeine. This is also a perfect drink to serve after the kids come inside from trick-or-treating. It’ll warm them right up!

Now, let’s discuss what to serve your drinks in. It’s time to get silly and fun!

Googly Eyes- you can stick googley eyes on to just about any cup or mug and you’ll instantly have a Halloween-ready drink! The kids and adults will both get a giggle.

Gummy worms and eyes- Look for gummy candy such as worms and eyeballs. Drop a few in your drink (just make sure it’s not a hot drink) and fool your guests! No one will be expecting to see an eyeball floating in their cup!

Beakers- You can find different beaker shapes with a quick internet search. They’ll look right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. Put colorful drinks inside (ice that HEB tea I just mentioned!) and you’ll have a nice compliment to your halloween decor.

Don’t forget creepy accessories like skeleton stir sticks, plastic spiders, and bats. There are all sorts of accessories you can add to your cups and glasses, just like my collection of bats and skeleton sticks! Do you like my hat? I think I look perfectly witchy!

Dearies, whatever you do this Halloween, I hope you have a marvelous time!

Teas for Halloween!


Boo! Dearies, Halloween is fast approaching. It’s time to get out the creepy decorations and stock up on candy. Are you going have a Halloween party? Kat adores Halloween and this year she’s planning on throwing a Halloween tea party for all of her friends. She already has most of the decorations, and even found a skeletal companion to sit on my saucer. I don’t mind the company, but he’s not much of a conversationalist.

We’ve been discussing the party over our tea, and here are some of the fun tea-infused ideas Kat is going to use:

She’s going to make a ‘Witches Brew’ tea by serving cups of rooibos steeped with vanilla and cinnamon with apple pieces floating on top. She’ll add a few gummy worms for a slithering surprise! It will help set the mood at her party.

Kat is getting creepy-creative with another party drink, this one iced with a bit of fizz. Mix 3 parts tea with 1 part cranberry juice and 2 parts club soda for a bloody, bubbly beverage. Kat will be using one of her favorite teas for this potion, this HEB My Cup of Bliss Hibiscus Ginger Orange. She’s been drinking this tea ever since her next door neighbor served it to her when she first moved in. Kat enjoyed getting to know her, and delighted in soothing sips of this herbal tea. The tart hibiscus and orange flavors danced on her palate. But it was the surprising zing of ginger that had her sit up and take notice. She was also drawn to the deep red color of the brew. Her neighbor sent her home with a few teabags and she’s bought many boxes home from the grocery store since then. The deep red color of the brew is perfect as a bloody base for many Halloween drinks. Kat is glad it is herbal, so even the children at the party can enjoy it.

Kat brought home dozens of little gummy spiders to add to her ice cubes for a skin-crawling surprise. Simply pour water into an ice cube tray and add a gummy spider to each compartment. Freeze for at least 4 hours and you have a creepy addition to your iced tea potion! I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction when they see these floating in their drink!


Kat came up with one other fun, creative drink for the party. She just couldn’t stop at two! For a slimy, limey punch, add a 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, four cups of chilled green tea, and ½ a gallon container of lime sherbet to a punchbowl. Add in some peeled grapes for a slippery eyeball effect! For an icy addition- fill a washed, disposable latex glove with water, tie or seal and freeze for at least 4 hours. You’ll get an amazingly macabre hand to float in the punch bowl!

For a tea-infused addition to her Halloween treats, Kat is adding matcha to vanilla cookie frosting. It gives a ghastly green look to her witch and monster cookies! Just add a few teaspoons to your icing recipe until you get the desired color. It’s easy and creepy!

Kat loves to get lost in her daydreams and was thinking of giving out teabags to the trick-or-treaters. I had to convince her that as delicious as tea is, the children will be expecting candy! Even this old teacup knows that! Happy Halloween dearies, and I hope you have a fun tea-filled time!