DIY Tea Cocktails

With the warmer spring weather upon us, the idea of garden parties is so appealing. I remember spring evenings with Char in Fatima, Portugal as we visited one of her old friends. We would sit outside in the evenings, looking over the gentle hills where sheep still grazed, sipping sangria. Char experimented with sangria recipes when she returned home, favoring white wine over red. Her addition: white tea. Kat and I just discovered her notes on the subject and it brought me back to those peaceful evenings.

A search on Pinterest led to this modern recipe by

Iced Tea Sangria

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Our twist on this favorite is to use Private Selection Citrus Green Tea as the iced tea base. The sunniness of the green tea highlights the fruit notes of the white wine.

While Kat’s female friends might like the light, white tea sangria, her gentlemen friends prefer a cold brew. That’s where tea-infused beers can be so interesting!  The everyman can of beer is suddenly elevated, enriched and refined by adding pouring it over an Earl Grey tea bag and allowing to steep for 15 minutes. Kat’s has found that Private Selection Earl Grey Black Tea works very well.

And for something a little more zippy, we found this lovely Chamomile Tequila Sour by By making a chamomile simple syrup, the tequila takes on a whole new, smoother character. This will be a definite crowd pleaser!

Kat has noticed more tea-infused cocktails on menus lately, and I say, “It’s about time!” What are some of your favorite DIY Tea Cocktail Recipes? Share them in the comments here!