Calming Teas


We’re making it through the holiday season, which is the busiest time of the year for Kat. For weeks she’s constantly on the go, shopping, cooking, baking, and attending events. This year she was determined to stay calm and relaxed throughout the holiday season. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of some extra yoga classes and lots of calming teas, she was able to stay centered. Her co-workers are even asking if she went on vacation while they weren’t looking!

 For Kat, any quiet cup of tea can be calming, but there are some that are so relaxing, it’s as if she had a mini-massage. For that spa-like feeling, she reaches for herbal teas. Dearies, you don’t need to have an actual spa day with treatments, candles and gentle music. A simple cup of tea will work wonders for your stress level. Here are the herbal teas Kat loves most:

 Chamomile: The soothing taste of chamomile is very nostalgic for Kat. Her mother used to give it to her as a child, when she wasn’t feeling well, or was particularly anxious. With just a few sips of this tea, the mellow sweetness helps loosen her muscles and melt away the stress of the day. Kat was recently gifted a beautiful chamomile tea from Dorset tea. It has Chamomile, lemograss, and raspberry flavor. Her British friend sent her this tea since she knows Kat loves a good chamomile. The added lemongrass and raspberry makes it the perfect tart yet mellow cup, relaxing and flavorful. A tea that evokes a springtime walk through the English countryside.


lemon balm: Kat started growing lemon balm in her garden last year, and it has started to take over the herb patch! It looks a bit like mint and has a subtle, soothing lemon flavor. Kat had so much lemon balm that after some research she realized she could use it for tea! She simply adds a bunch of leaves to her teapot, steeps in boiling water for about 15 minutes, and enjoys. The taste is gently lemony, sunny, and peaceful.

 lavender tea: the soothing scent of lavender brings Kat right to the spa. It must be because the scent can be found in many relaxing spas in lotions, wraps, and oils. There’s good reason for why it’s so ubiquitous- as soon as you smell it, you start to get a tranquil feeling. When you steep a lavender tea the aroma permeates the kitchen and creates a lovely calm atmosphere.

 So dearies, breathe, close your eyes, take a sip and imagine the place that brings you a feeling of peace. These teas have worked well to help Kat unwind and keep calm. One of Kat’s resolutions this year is to take even more time to unwind. She’s decided to keep these teas on hand all year round to help when she’s feeling a bit stressed.

Dearies, this post contains my opinions and observations on teas that taste great, and what Kat finds relaxing. So if you have any medical questions in relation to relaxation, calm, etc., always ask your doctor.