Celebrating Earth Day With Tea


Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd. What are you all doing to show respect for the earth? Kat and I try to do various things on a daily basis to show our love for mother earth. We actually do a few tea-related things, which got me thinking that it’s time to share our tips with everyone! Here’s what you can do to combine staying green with your love for tea:

Composting- You can compost your loose tea or tea bags. Add your leaves or bags right to your compost bin. if you have paper tea bags or tags with staples, you need to remove those staples first. The paper tags are even fine to throw into the mix. You should let the leaves decompose a little bit before you add any of the compost to your garden- tea could change the acidity in your soil. Kat makes sure not to waste a drop of brewed tea, and uses it for her plants.  She dilutes leftover tea (doesn’t happen very often!) and waters her houseplants. If you have acid-loving plants, you can even sprinkle those leaves right over the base of the plants. You’ll want to mix the leaves with a bit of the dirt to get them closer to the roots.

Cleaning with tea- go green with your cleaning supplies. Cleaning with tea is safe and easy! It is all natural and tea is actually quite a good cleanser. You can clean windows, floors, even use as a room deodorizer. Check out my previous post on the subject. I think you’ll find it economical and easy.

Planting herbs- A great way to avoid buying herbal tea and wasting lots of packaging is to grown your own herbs and make your own tea! I posted about great herbs for tea awhile back and you can find the post here. It’s just so lovely to walk into your own herb garden, pick your herbs and brew up a fresh pot of tea. Kat doesn’t have a large backyard, and she grows her herbs in small planters. It still works perfectly! She even has a friend that has a windowsill herb garden. I also recently came across a wonderful idea on pinterest- Dearies, you can make your own tea herb garden seed kit! This would make a lovely gift. You can include seeds for herbs such as chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, mint, and basil. The combinations are really up to you! You can include herb markers, even a little gardening shovel. Put it all in a pretty box, and it’s ready for gift giving.

Dear readers, I know you are all very good and staying green. Do you have any tea-themed tips we can use for Earth Day? Please let us know. We can never do enough to help our earth.

Household Hacks With Teabags


I’m a bit of a nosy teacup, and every now and then I get a glance at Kat’s store receipts when she leaves them on the table. I am always amazed at how much she spends on cleaning products! Why does she need so many different fancy cleaners? Char had a little secret for cleaning her house, and I decided it was time to share it with Kat.

Can you believe tea can be used for cleaning? I still remember the day Char discovered tea as a cleaning product. We were at her favorite little Chinese restaurant, the one that always had a line out the door for their divine noodle soups. As Char was about to rest me on the table, a waiter came by and poured black tea all over and wiped it down. You can imagine our surprise to see it was clean as can be. After this experience, Char did a little research on using tea to clean around the house. She discovered it’s a perfect, natural cleaning agent!

Char’s favorite use for black tea was to clean the floors. She’d take 3-5 teabags and let them steep in a large pot of boiled water. Once it cooled down she’d transfer to a bucket, and mop. Once dry, I couldn’t believe how those floors shined! I could see my reflection all the way from the countertop. She used the tea solution for the kitchen tile as well as the living room hardwood floors.

Black tea is also perfect as a window cleaner. Make a strong brew with 2-3 teabags per 8 ounces of water. Once it’s fully cooled you can put it in an empty spray bottle, or dip in a cleaning cloth. Wipe down, and marvel at the results.

Kat recently visited a tea shop that left a big bowl of used tea leaves in the bathroom. When she asked about this, she was told that the leaves act as a deodorizer. She’s tried this in her own bathroom with great results. Odors are absorbed, and the leaves look like potpourri. It also makes a great conversation piece. You can even try this with used tea bags in the refrigerator.  Simply leave them in a small bowl. That cut onion won’t be bothering your butter anymore!

Cleaning with tea is economical, easy, and non-toxic! The hardest part is resisting a sip while you are cleaning. Do you clean with tea? I’d love to hear your tips!