How To: Have Fresh Tea on an Airplane


Dearies I’m a jet-setting teacup! Traveling by plane is such a fun adventure, I love the feeling of excitement and anticipation as we fly towards our destination. But it also has a few annoyances. Kat is always complaining about one thing in particular- Finding a way to have a good cup of tea on the airplane. Both Char and now Kat have gone through countless ideas and different ways to get around a paper cup with lukewarm liquid and a stale teabag handed over by the flight attendant.

Char often just asked for hot water and used her own tea bags, but it can be difficult to get water refills, and the water often tasted quite strange. These days Kat has come up with a foolproof method, after much trial and error. She has one important trick that makes a world of difference! The trick for fresh tea on her flight is to bring an empty thermos in her carry-on. Why does she do this? Well, you can’t bring a full thermos through airport security, and you don’t want to risk having your thermos taken away!

Once through security, it’s time to fill up. But not with tea! Just hot water. Just about any of the airport cafes will be happy to fill you up with hot water while you are waiting for your flight. Kat brings a few tea bags in her purse which are ready to use as soon as she gets a cup from the flight attendant. This way she’ll have tea for the entire flight. The hot water on the airplane doesn’t make great tea, it’s not as hot as it should be, and you’d need to charm a flight attendant to fill up your thermos anyway. You are much better off trying to get hot water before you board.

Kat likes to take a variety of teabags with her on the flight. She takes a couple of caffeinated teas to perk her up when close to her destination. But for the most part she uses decaf and herbal teas throughout the flight. It’s important to stay well hydrated while in the air. The air in those planes is so dehydrating! She simply puts a teabag in her cup, and pours water from her thermos. Problem solved.


One of her current favorite teas to travel with is Cinnamon Hibiscus Herbal Tea by Private Selection. This tea is naturally sweet, comforting, and quite soothing. Kat first encountered this tea while shopping for a girls’ tea party she was preparing for her little niece Camille. She was looking for herbal teas, and something a little bit sweet. She found this tea in Kroger, and knew it would be a great choice. Camille loves cinnamon, as it reminds her of Christmas. The addition of hibiscus, chamomile, and orange peel sealed the deal. Both Kat and Camille instantly loved this tasty cinnamon blend. It is strong on cinnamon, but the hibiscus, chamomile and citrus flavors tame the spice and give it a mellow finish. Camille requests this tea every time she comes to visit! It’s a warming cup, perfect for relaxing on a long flight. If you can get a bit of honey during your flight, it will further enhance the comfort factor in this tea. Kat always looks forward to relaxing in her seat with this soothing cup.

So my tea-loving friends, what do you think of our little trick? When you are getting ready for your next flight, remember your thermos and tea bags! You’ll be so happy you did. Bon Voyage!

Household Hacks With Teabags


I’m a bit of a nosy teacup, and every now and then I get a glance at Kat’s store receipts when she leaves them on the table. I am always amazed at how much she spends on cleaning products! Why does she need so many different fancy cleaners? Char had a little secret for cleaning her house, and I decided it was time to share it with Kat.

Can you believe tea can be used for cleaning? I still remember the day Char discovered tea as a cleaning product. We were at her favorite little Chinese restaurant, the one that always had a line out the door for their divine noodle soups. As Char was about to rest me on the table, a waiter came by and poured black tea all over and wiped it down. You can imagine our surprise to see it was clean as can be. After this experience, Char did a little research on using tea to clean around the house. She discovered it’s a perfect, natural cleaning agent!

Char’s favorite use for black tea was to clean the floors. She’d take 3-5 teabags and let them steep in a large pot of boiled water. Once it cooled down she’d transfer to a bucket, and mop. Once dry, I couldn’t believe how those floors shined! I could see my reflection all the way from the countertop. She used the tea solution for the kitchen tile as well as the living room hardwood floors.

Black tea is also perfect as a window cleaner. Make a strong brew with 2-3 teabags per 8 ounces of water. Once it’s fully cooled you can put it in an empty spray bottle, or dip in a cleaning cloth. Wipe down, and marvel at the results.

Kat recently visited a tea shop that left a big bowl of used tea leaves in the bathroom. When she asked about this, she was told that the leaves act as a deodorizer. She’s tried this in her own bathroom with great results. Odors are absorbed, and the leaves look like potpourri. It also makes a great conversation piece. You can even try this with used tea bags in the refrigerator.  Simply leave them in a small bowl. That cut onion won’t be bothering your butter anymore!

Cleaning with tea is economical, easy, and non-toxic! The hardest part is resisting a sip while you are cleaning. Do you clean with tea? I’d love to hear your tips!