DIY: Tea Bags and Tea Tags

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Dearies if you’re looking for a fun tea craft this weekend, how about creating your own tea bags with personalized tags? It would be perfect for your next tea party! Who wouldn’t love tea bags made just for them? It’ll give your tea table a cheerful, intimate feel.

For the tags, you can create your own designs; add your friends’ names, the type of tea, anything you’d like on them. With any paper you’d like, you can create all shapes and sizes. Kat likes to create heart shaped tags for Valentine’s Day, stars for July 4th, flowers for Mother’s day…you name it. The options are endless!

The simplest way to create tea tags is to staple your personalized labels over existing teabag labels. If the existing bag label is too big, you can always fold it over to fit the new one over it. But to really get creative, you can create your own tea bags with those tags! There are lots of tutorials online and be sure to visit my pinterest page for printouts and lots of ideas. You could create teabags with your own tea blends as well. You can even make large bags with your tea potpourri blends as housewarming gifts! If you missed my potpourri blend post, check it out here.

Personalized tea bags are fun for tea parties, hostess gifts, and even Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner. I also love leaving them for overnight guests to use for their morning cups of tea. It takes a little extra time, but it shows how much you care. So the next time you’re looking for a tea-related craft project, think about making your own tea bags! Kat always keeps this idea in her craft arsenal when she’s feeling like having a bit of DIY fun.

Have you dabbled in making your own tea bags and tea tags? I’d love to see pictures of what you’ve done!

DIY Tea Gifts for Teacher

With the end of school in sight, kids’ dreams of ‘no more pencils, no more books,’ is tempered with thought of how to say ‘thank you’ to the teacher who expanded your mind over the past several months. Kat has many friends who are school teachers to various ages, and so she knows how much the small tokens of appreciation make a large impression.

There are a couple of neighbor girls that Kat looks after on the occasional Friday night so their parents can have an evening out. This Friday, Kat will be helping the girls make some end of year thank you gifts for their teachers. And (she can’t help herself), they will be tea-themed.

As found on

As found on

One of our favorite ideas that we’ve come across is to have the girls make their own personalized tea labels, as found on Kat being the photographer that she is, she can take some cute photos of the girls, print them out 1″x1″ and then insert them into polaroid-style frames made of card stock. Attach them to some tea bags, and the teacher has a series of happy memory teas to make her smile through the summer months.

The rise in popularity in Mason jars creates all kinds of possibilities. We love the Tea Time Mason Jar kit found on A 32-oz mason jar, an assortment of favorite individually wrapped tea bags, a mini jar of honey, a small package of sugar cubes. All of these can be placed in the jar, screw on the lid, and attach a cute tag with some colorful twine.

And if we have time, we may also make these Tea Towels from the girls’ own artwork, as found on By tracing a drawing onto a plain, white tea towel, it becomes a useful and sweet reminder of  a student’s care for their teacher. While this tutorial uses only a black permanent marker, we may work with more colors.

What are some ways you’ll be showing your appreciation to your teachers at the end of this school year?