Songs for Teatime!


Part of Kat’s weekend tea ritual includes slowly sipping a good cup of tea while listening to music. Kat says taking some time to fill her senses with fragrant tea and her favorite music goes a long way at helping her feel peaceful and happy. No matter what craziness is going on during the weekend, she almost always finds a few minutes for this special ritual. Always the helpful teacup, I thought it would be fun to find her music that mentions tea. I’ve come up with a fun little playlist that would be perfect for a tea party, backyard summer BBQ, or of course a few moments for yourself.

  • Have A Cuppa Tea- The Kinks: This is a classic song from a classic British rock band! Pull out your English breakfast tea and get sipping to this. This song is from their 1971 album The Muswell Hillbillies. Kat’s mother adores The Kinks and her love of good British classic rock has influenced Kat’s music choices as well.
  • Tea For Two- Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli: this is a lively, cheerful song to listen to on a Sunday morning. It’s jazzy, catchy, and you’ll be tapping your toes while you sip on your tea. I’d recommend a nice smooth, comforting Keemun tea to go with this. Kat likes to pair music from Django Reinhardt with Sunday brunch gatherings. It’s lovely to listen to, but also great in the background.


  • Tea For One- Led Zeppelin: This is a surprisingly jazzy yet mellow rock song, very good for savoring a cup and relaxing. It reminds me of sipping iced tea on a hot summer day. I’d pair it with a nice, citrusy iced tea.
  • Englishman in New York- Sting: If you follow tea folks through various social media sites, you’ll occasionally see someone posting the quote ‘I don’t drink coffee, I take tea my dear” which is from this famous song of his 1987 album …Nothing Like the Sun. This song also has a jazzy feel, and is great for relaxing with a British style strong cup of black tea with milk.


  • Tea in the Sahara: – The Police: For those that really like Sting, he also sang about tea with The Police back in 1983 from their album Synchronicity. It’s got the classic Police 80s sound, and is perfect with a nuanced oolong tea. Lately Kat is loving the oolong tea from Wegmans. This tea is a little toasty, earthy, with a nutty finish. It reminds Kat of going to her mother’s favorite Chinese restaurant as a child. Mom would get a big pot of oolong tea and they’d share dumplings and noodles until they couldn’t eat another bite. With a full belly Kat would steal delicious sips of her mother’s tea and enjoy the fragrant brew. The Wegmans tea brings her right back to the restaurant, enjoying a special afternoon with her mom. It’s a tea that’s light enough for an afternoon sip, but complex enough for a meditative cup.
  • Everything Stops for Tea- Jack Buchanan- This is a delightful song from the 1940s on the joys of stopping a crazy day to enjoy a cup of tea. He sings about how much the British love their tea, and how it basically makes the day better. I couldn’t agree more! If you can find this lovely song, do give it a listen. It’s perfect with an afternoon sip of a hearty black, or Chinese green tea.

If you’re a Disney fan, I’m sure you are quite familiar with this one:

  • Be Our Guest- From Beauty and the Beast- How can I include a list of tea songs without a song that includes a singing teapot and teacup? Dearies, did you know tea is actually in the lyrics?

With dessert, she’ll want tea
And my dear that
’s fine with me
While the cups do their soft-shoein

ll be bubbling, I’ll be brewing
ll get warm, piping hot

See? I’d say this is one that you can drink your tea of choice and enjoy! This is a song that would be fun for a child’s tea party too! Break out the rooibos or other herbal teas and have a festive party!

Dearies, I hope you like my fun list of tea songs. I’m sure there are many, many more we could add to this list. Do you have any favorites? Do be sure to let me know! I’d love to keep my tea playlist growing.

Host a St. Patrick’s Day Tea!


I’ve been perusing the kitchen calendar and noticed that St. Patrick’s Day will soon be here! I love thinking about everything becoming a vibrant green. It reminds me that spring is on the way! It’s hard to truly believe as we are covered in snow right now. But it’ll happen! So many people see St. Patrick’s Day as a reason to drink green beer. But I see it as a reason to have green tea!

Kat thought it would be fun to have a festive St. Patrick’s Day tea for her friends so I did a little searching for a few appropriate recipes for the day.

I thought it would be fun to start with mini matcha fruit smoothies. A display of little teacups or glasses lined up with the frothy vibrant green matcha would be a festive way to start. This vanilla matcha smoothie recipe fits perfectly. A light and delicate flavor with the bright green color we’re looking for.

For the scones, you can’t go wrong with Irish soda bread scones! I adore this recipe, and can’t wait to let Kat’s friends slather them with clotted cream.

For the tea sandwiches a cucumber and cream cheese is always good, and leave the skin on the cucumbers for a pop of color. My favorite sandwich idea is a cross between a NY deli sandwich and a St. Patrick’s Day staple- corned beef tea sandwiches! We’re going to make them double-decker style with savory corned beef, spicy deli mustard and pumpernickel bread. Make sure to cut them into bite-sized pieces!

Don’t forget to serve the teas, dearies! We’re going to serve a fresh grassy Japanese Sencha with the scones, and then an Irish breakfast tea with the sandwiches and dessert. Strong and delicious it pairs with the creamy cucumber sandwiches and the savory corned beef. Kat is going to serve Wegman’s Irish Breakfast Tea. Kat loves a hearty breakfast tea and picked it up at her local Wegmans years ago and always kept a box in her cupboard. She loves the malty, robust tea on mornings that she needs an extra jolt of sunshine.  It is strong but not bitter, and super smooth.

Kat’s going to close out the meal with matcha butter cookies. Delicious sweet, buttery and green, of course!

Spring is almost here! Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Day plans? I do hope they involve some tea!

Tea Party for Pennies

Planning a tea party but the piggy bank is empty? Never fear, dearies! It is easy to think of tea parties as being extravagent and costly, but with a little bit of planning, you can host a tea party for 8 people for less than 20 dollars!

Tea Party for Pennies

First, the shopping list:

From the Market
Sugar 1.75 cups
Butter 3 sticks
Eggs 15 eggs
Bread 1 loaf white bread
1 package chocolate chips
1 package cream cheese
2 cucumbers

From Your Pantry
Vanilla extract
Dried dill weed
Strawberry Jam

The Menu


We love these “Simply Delicious Scones” from For $4.82, you can make enough scones to serve 8 guests. Add a small jar of strawberry jam or preserves for $2.89.

Tea Sandwiches

No traditional afternoon tea party is complete without cucumber sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches. Both, fortunately, are quick and easy to prepare.

These Cucumber Tea Sandwiches from have the highest price tag on the menu, at $5.92. But they are worth every cent! Use a half teaspoon of dried dill weed mixed into the cream cheese rather than fresh dill to keep the costs down.

Tricia Yearwood’s Mini Egg Salad Sandwiches are as easy on your pocketbook as they are to prepare. And, though small, they are delightfully filling! Hold the chives to keep the costs down, or opt for a sprinkle of dried chives if you have them in your spice cupboard. Total cost: $3.89


What is an afternoon tea without a sweet dessert at the end? This Easy Brownie recipe from is rich, super-chocolate-y and you probably have most of the ingredients in your pantry. For $2.48, this decadent treat is a must!


As a tea lover, it’s highly likely that you already have plenty of your favorite tea on hand. There’s no need to go out and buy special tea for the occasion, unless you want to. If you do not have any tea on hand, however, make it easy and economical and pick up a treasure from your grocery store aisles. One of our favorite teas is Wegman’s Cinnamon Spice Black Tea. For just over $2.00, you can enjoy a festive black tea that is lovely plain but is also fun to dress up with milk and sugar.


Speaking of, if you have an extra $1.75, surprise and delight your guests by serving actual sugar cubes. You know my feelings on the subject.

Tippy and friends 2


It’s summertime, and as a result there are plenty of beautiful potential centerpieces that can be found in your yard or your friend’s. Cut some flowers from the garden or find some wildflowers. Pull out your stash of cloth napkins. Don’t worry if they don’t match. Or find and borrow simple white tablecloths, assemble a variety of tea cups and let the tea cups themselves be the decor!

Don’t let the dollar be your detriment to having a beautiful tea party. You can serve a fun, filling tea service for less than a pizza delivery. Bon appetit!